About Us

Recovery Coaching, Support, and Accountability for Porn and Sex Addicts

Honest, Open 1 on 1 Solutions for your life.

 A Message from Founder J.K Emezi

Welcome to Elevated Recovery. If you are someone close to you is affected by pornography or sex addiction, you’ve arrived at the right place.

Whether you are a busy professional with limited time to devote to this problem, a young man trying to regain control of your urges or a family man whose addiction is threatening your relationship. Our goal is to support you in an effective, discreet and unbiased way. We specialize in recovery coaching for porn addiction, sex addiction and life coaching for men.


You will receive proven tools for your success and an effective recovery plan with accountability that will allow you to regain control of your life and remove obstacles that have been holding you back from your potential.

      Recovery coaching is not therapy. I do not delve into your past, nor do I passively agree with you. Instead, the focus on your present condition and your future goals.I believe that you are the expert at your own life and aim to have you back in control of your in the shortest time possible.

I will help you realize your goals and vision while providing you with tools to enhance your lifestyle, so you no longer lose precious time to your addiction. You can reach my office directly at (505)-369-6634 or through email at jkemezi@elevatedrecovery.org.


“My work with J.K has allowed me to not only cease engaging in compulsive sexual behaviors but also examine the underlying fears and traumas that caused me to resort to these behaviors in the first place. I am a much healthier person as a result of these efforts, and look forward to actually living the rest of my life instead of avoiding it as I did before.” S.L