Free Confidential Consultation

Imagine finally having a CHOICE to overcome your addictions and destructive habits for life.



That’s what happens to the men and women who we choose to work with.

When you apply for a 1:1 Elevated Consult with us, you are giving yourself (and your partner or future partners) the best gift possible.

After your phone call with a Recovery Coach, you will walk away with a custom plan to finally get real momentum in overcoming your addiction and build permanent habits to help you easily stay recovered.

No more waiting around for things to happen. YOU must make things happen, and we’re here to help.

On the phone, you and your coach will cover these things:

  • Your biggest sexually compulsive challenges at the moment
  • What strengths you bring to the table that we can leverage
  • Exactly what you can do to make massive, permanent change

At the end of your Elevated Consult, you will have obtained a solid plan of action to permanently improve your  life, ready to implement like a winner. Get started below.