Social Anxiety Blueprint

Usually, programs to overcome pornography use chastise men and warn them that “hook-up culture” or “meeting women”/”serial dating” will keep them addicted.Thus, most men may overcome porn, but further increase their sexual shame. In my years of coaching, I have not come across a single recovery coach or therapist who offers a treatment method that simultaneously addresses a man sexual shame, self-esteem ,porn addiction, anxiety about women and gives him day by day actions and lessons to complete in order to progressively improve himself.

J.K Emezi decided to create a social anxiety course for men who specifically:

1. Were living in fear of getting out of the house more and put themselves in social situations to make new friends.
2. Wanted to move forward their career or start a business but were afraid to take the risky first steps.
3. Were extremely anxious around people who they were attracted to, unable to speak or show interest.

This course is currently closed for enrollment.