“I really appreciate J.K’s straight forward, no nonsense, “tell it like it is,” yet caring, light-hearted, humorous and empathetic approach. The fact that J.K is a recovering porn addict himself lends tremendous credibility to his advice and instills deep confidence in me. My experience in his practice is a key ingredient in my successful recovery to date. I spend 2 hours each week for my coaching sessions and have never had a reason to regret it.” D.E

“I‘m over a month off pornography for the first time in my life now and I feel so much better. Sometimes when I get into
bed at night now, I just remember how tired I was and how much pain I was
in when I used to go to sleep after my porn binges. It brings such a huge smile to
my face now, that I can go to bed pain free. Thanks J.K.” IT

“I began recovery coaching with J.K in early 2016.  I was familiar with 12-steps, but sex addiction recovery coaching was new to me. It is my belief that without J.K’s  strong influence on my recovery,I would not be living a life of consistent freedom from my disease. J.K’s coaching has also helped me handle challenges which come up in my daily life.” AC 

“It’s such a change from the person I was 14 days ago who could barely put together
a sentence in front of new people to the guy now who can talk with almost
anyone without thinking about it. Also a couple of people have been telling
me I look different, I’m not sure if its the way I carry myself or something
else but they said they could barely recognize me
from a distance. I do feel different though. I can’t wait till day 30 to see how much more I can change.
I’m not going to sit around and wait for the changes though. I’m going to live
and have fun and what happens happens.”

“J.K helped me get my life on track. I was going down a dark path and truly had no idea what was going on in my life. J.K’s guidance and support turned things around for me. No I understand that I am not alone. As challenging as this path is, Elevated Recovery has made it easier.I highly recommend Elevated Recovery. All you have to do is meet J.K and you will see what I mean.” J.H

“I am on my third month of coaching with J.K and have experienced the following benefits in general (keeping mind that
the process is not linear and there will be bad days and times
when the items in this list do not apply): Return of frequent morning
erections, spontaneous erections, better social life, better general well being,
anxiety now plays little to no role in my
life, more attractive to women,stronger, smarter, funnier. Haven’t decided to have sex yet but I have no
worries that I will be able to when I decide. Things are functioning the way nature intended.”


“My work with J.K has allowed me to not only cease engaging in compulsive sexual behaviors, but also examine the underlying fears and traumas that caused me to resort to these behaviors in the first place. I am a much healthier person as a result of these efforts, and look forward to actually living the rest of my life instead of avoiding it as I did before.” S.L

“J.K has been a great help in discovering some of the roots of my addiction which I had struggled with for almost twenty years. His style is one of tough love( compassion and a focused program). Over the past year and a half, his approach to recovery has helped me tremendously.”  JT

“The Porn Reboot program has made a huge difference in my life. For the first time, I feel like I can go forward without shame and without secrets. It’s a real “reboot”– just like the name says. I can’t say enough about J.K and Diana’s competence and experience with addiction. You have built an excellent program here and I commend you and thank you from the bottom of my heart.” V.N

“I spent most of my life trying to beat this addiction on my own. Countless relapses and bad decisions later, I was done. I am so happy I somehow found the courage to enroll in the 3 month program. J.K has done something remarkable. He has created something that works for people from all walks of life. The biggest lesson I learned was WHY I was a porn addict. I then understood my shame. I was given beliefs and more importantly- tools to help me live a healthy and clean life. I am so grateful for my experience with Elevated Recovery and J.K. Its been a while since I felt so optimistic about my future.” FG

“J.K is up to date on his practice. He is familiar with technology, treatments, studies and methods which came out last week! His living on the cutting edge of addiction recovery give me confidence in his practice. His understanding of the human mind is vast and you can always count on him to call you out. I never know what approach he will apply on a call, so he is never predictable. He is very kind, but capable of being blunt and strict without losing any professionalism when necessary. I spent so much of my resources on seeking help from every source I was recommended.None really made a difference. This approach is the only one which leave me light hearted when I hang up.”  OL