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6 Incredible Benefits of Recovery Coaching

Every week I get messages from men explaining the importance of having a reboot coach.

They insist they would not be in the position they’re in if they did not work with somebody on ending their out-of-control sexual behavior. Sometimes they’re referring to their job or career. Other times they’re talking about their relationship with their spouse or their children.

But for the most part, it’s really about how they feel. They describe feelings of freedom and peace of mind. They no longer have to worry about everything that comes with a porn addiction or sexually compulsive behavior. 

Since I receive these kinds of messages so often, today I want to cover the benefits of having a recovery coach. I don’t even mean in the Porn Reboot program specifically; there are plenty of different kinds of recovery coaching services available. From general life coaching to group coaching and more, every man can find the right fit for his situation. 

Are you considering hiring a recovery coach? Whether you’re considering the Porn Reboot program or not, understanding the many benefits of recovery coaching might help you make your decision.

1. You learn to develop a mature relationship with your sexuality

A lot of us whose addictions to pornography began at an early age carry a similar immature view of sex. Sex is all about excitement. It’s about feeling a different way. It’s about distraction. It’s about having fun. 

The truth is, while sex can encompass all those things, we’re usually missing the important aspects of sex. Things like connection, things like intimacy, and even things like spirituality, when you go deeper into it. 

Everybody has their own relationship with sexuality. I’m not one to tell you what your relationship to sexuality should be, either. But a good system or a good coaching program will help you develop a healthy, mature relationship with your sexuality. This is crucial because sexuality is a very important part of our lives as men.

2. You learn to create healthy, satisfying relationships

One of the greatest challenges I experienced was learning to understand intimacy. Ending my behavior and rewiring my brain was difficult, but understanding how to build healthy relationships was a whole new level. 

I was still very reactive during the early stages of my reboot and I experienced a ton of anxiety surrounding intimacy. I spent two years going out, dating women, and getting into relationships, trying to figure out intimacy. Even after that, it took a couple more years for me to truly understand it. 

The different coaches I had during those stages helped me understand what was blocking me from building intimacy with women. It wasn’t until I rewired my brain and experienced connections with women without the tangles of sexuality that I finally learned how to create healthy, satisfying relationships. 

3. You start creating big but realistic goals

You probably start your reboot with some lofty goals. You’ve spent so long trapped by your addiction that you’re ready to finally chase some of those dreams you’ve put on hold. But you might set yourself up for failure if you set the bar too high right away.

A recovery coach will help you create these big goals you strive for but ensure they’re still realistic. You want to establish achievable goals so you don’t give up on yourself before you get there. Having the outside guidance that a recovery coach offers is crucial when you’re still not sure how to operate without falling back on your out-of-control behavior.

4. You learn how to control your out-of-control sexual behavior

This might seem obvious but it shouldn’t go unsaid. Learning to end your out-of-control behavior is the most important thing you can do. Until you get your porn addiction and sexuality under control, it’s going to affect every other area of your life.

A good recovery coach will guide you through the process of learning to control your behavior. The Porn Reboot system is a proven system based on a scientific approach, but there are other methods, too. Not all men find success from the same techniques. As long as they help you learn to control your out-of-control behavior, though, continue with that recovery coach.

5. You rebuild your self-esteem and get rid of shame

We’ve spoken about shame a lot, but let’s speak a moment about your self-esteem. Self-esteem, or how you feel about who you are, has been obliterated by your out-of-control behavior, by the type of pornography you watch, by the relationships you’ve been in, by your inability to control your behavior.

All your perceived failures result in having a terrible sense of self-esteem. This lack of self-worth leads you to isolate yourself from others which only makes it worse. Trying to rebuild your self-esteem alone is difficult. You need to find someone you can respect, trust, and look up to who will guide you through the process.

An effective recovery coach is going to help you shatter that sense of shame and rebuild your self-esteem. They’re going to teach you to overcome those limiting beliefs about yourself so you can step into the understanding of your capability and importance.

6. You surround yourself with a network of supportive individuals

Any recovery coach worth his salt is going to encourage you to surround yourself with men who understand and support you. Trying to control your out-of-control behavior on your own is almost impossible. You only have a certain amount of time with your coach during the day or the week. You need to have support outside of those coaching sessions, too.
One of the biggest benefits of recovery coaching is learning to surround yourself with a network of supportive individuals. Whether you come to join us on the Porn Reboot group on Facebook or you find another method that works for you, you must get in the middle of a group. You never need to deal with your struggle alone again; in time you’ll find many men who know the struggle themselves and are ready and waiting for you to join in.


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