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"Generated consistency in my morning routines & had a small promotion at work."

"I found a loophole on my phone. I took action, stayed accountable, covered the loophole with other apps and did the dialogue."

"Finally had the courage to tell my closest friends of my porn addiction and in a program that helps."

"I finally identified and named my addict sub personality."

"Taken out my nipple piercing. Symbolic of me letting that image go."

"Carried out a quick feelings exercise, did some meditation dialogued with my true self to restore calm."

"I had the guts to talk to this girl and remained confident."

"I told my mom about my mom about my addiction after hiding it for 10 years."

"I used the rational/irrational exercise to work through my feelings. I resisted the urge and worked through it."

"It’s been a full 30 days without a physicall slip or relapse."

"I’ve been coming through on my daily goals as it relates to my relationship with my wife."

"I had a dream where porn came up. Closed the browser & avoided the situation."

"I completed the Implementation Program a few weeks ago: didn’t slip during the program & haven’t slipped since I completed it."

"I ran my first ever ½ marathon. There is much less drama in my personal life."

"I haven’t relapsed for almost 2 months."

"I stood up for myself, contacted my superior, and asked him to take me to the meeting."

"Follow the reboot process & get through the hard times you’ll come out on the other side stronger."

"I made sure to create a good morning routine."

"Added my wife as an ally on Covenant Eyes."

"Filled out the checklist & sat down for a few minutes to dialogue with my addict sub-personality until I no longer felt the urge."



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