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Getting “Rewired” – Addiction and its Solutions

People sometimes ask us: what’s the whole point of this kind of coaching? What does it do for people?

The answer shows you quite a bit about why we do it, and why so many of our visitors experience real change in their lives.

It starts with understanding the nature of addiction, what it does to your life, and how it happens and what you can do about it.

You may have heard the old joke (which is kind of grim humor to some who suffer from porn addiction) where a guy goes to the doctor and says “Doctor, it hurts when I do this…” (raising his arm and lowering it again.) The doctor says: “Don’t do that. Here’s your bill – it’s $150.”

While it’s a funny way to talk about the lack of adequacy in some types of medical services, it really does highlight some of what’s missing in a lot of doctors’ offices and therapy offices around the country. You can’t just tell somebody to stop doing something. That’s a very simplistic and primitive way to address any addiction or habit. Instead, it would help if you were looking deep underneath to figure out the origin of a habit and how to conquer it through a complicated strategy and pathway.

People don’t get trapped in things like porn addiction overnight or in a nonchalant way.

These addictions develop through deep emotional connections and often run their course over years and years. People may never get out of addiction like this unless they have help.

It’s also important to understand another aspect of how addiction works.

People think of porn addiction as simply a problem that takes up your discretionary time and maybe makes you ache a little bit.

What they don’t realize is that the addiction takes its toll, socially and emotionally, and that when you fix the addiction, people get a new confidence and new satisfaction in other areas of their lives.

You will see this on display when you read the reviews from people who we’ve helped, but unless you read those, you may not understand the real value of this kind of coaching and why it matters.

But we do. We’ve seen it firsthand, where so many young men walk into our office in so much emotional pain and emerge with a new confident outlook on life.

Especially in the Internet age, porn is all around us. Beating it takes work. Talk to us about porn addiction and what you can do about it.


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