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Going Beyond November

Going Beyond November

There’s a movement that is taking place around porn addiction in a seasonal way, and it’s not a negative thing, but it can tend to cloud your judgment on the best ways to turn the page on this kind of stigmatized problem.

At the end of the day, the underlying goal is to get away from problematic behavior for the entire year, not for one month. So trying a ‘fast’ or lifestyle change around a particular month of the calendar can, in some cases, backfire, if there’s no deeper motivation in place.

At Elevated Recovery, our work regards breaking cycles of behavior. We know that it’s often a lot more complicated than choosing a calendar month to launch.

The activities and behaviors that our program is meant to address are deeply rooted in the male (and female) psyche. They’re very core to our psychology, and our biology as well – and then our cultural conditioning doesn’t help either.

In some ways, our clients come to us for help with addiction that is very real. And in that sense, it’s like any other addiction: you have to look at it in context. A social drinker may or may not believe that he or she is an alcoholic. The world as a whole, the external world, will provide markers and definition for whether someone is an alcoholic or not, albeit a functioning alcoholic, or a nonfunctioning alcoholic, which is more easy to spot.

The bottom line is that we have made a science out of addressing changes to human behavior. There’s a lot of hard science here, although there’s also the cultural context that we mentioned. We can walk both halves of this and converge these two very different things together, for an effective holistic treatment program and a way forward.

We know that in some ways, addiction also has to do with willpower and confidence. The problem is that people boil it down to just willpower and confidence, which is an oversimplification, and that sometimes happens around the month of November, too.

For more, take a look at the website and read deeply about how our habits and behaviors are built on profound parts of our minds and our senses of self. Then you can also read about how that can change in a healthy and positive way, without changing you as a person. We’ll be here to help you on that journey.


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