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How to View Slips and Relapses

There are plenty of avenues available online to help you control your out of control behaviors with pornography and masturbation. You can find dozens of communities, plenty of videos, and various courses that offer a solution to your problem with porn. Not all these solutions are created equal, though, and the Porn Reboot system stands out from the others.

What makes the Porn Reboot system different?

It’s the way we view slips and relapses.

Many men make a huge deal of their slips and relapses. They focus so intently on their day count that one slip feels like the end of the world. It means complete and total failure, devastation, and catastrophe. Men who believe this tend to have a harder time coming back after a slip because they look at it with such an all-or-nothing mentality.

The Porn Reboot system views a slip or relapse as a piece of data.

That’s all it is. It’s nothing but data.

When you view a relapse as a catastrophe, you tend to internalize that belief. You likely tell yourself that you’re a loser, you lack willpower, or you’re hopeless. None of these statements are true, though, and all you’re doing is creating more pain for yourself.

If you view relapses this way you’re fighting against your brain rather than working with your brain instead. Viewing your relapse as data gives you an opportunity to understand what’s happening and apply new strategies to avoid the situation happening again.

The Porn Reboot system encourages you to reflect when a relapse happens. Truth is, you plan your relapse before it ever happens. If you don’t know how to identify the signs of an upcoming relapse, though, you’ll remain trapped in the slip cycle.

Break down the events leading up to what happened. What was the strong emotion you felt at the beginning? Which self-care practices did you neglect to carry out? If you’ve slipped a few times in a single week, what’s been going on the whole week?

The more data you collect about your relapse, the more you’ll learn about your common triggers. As you narrow down your common triggers you’ll start to understand when you’re heading for a relapse. And the sooner you realize you’re in the early stages of a relapse, the sooner you can adjust course.

Relapses are going to happen early on during your reboot. How you view those slips and relapses makes the difference, though. If you’re still viewing your slips as a personal failure, you’re going to continue slipping until you shift your thinking. 

Reframing your mindset is a crucial part of the Porn Reboot process.

The sooner you learn to reset your view on relapses, the sooner you can start the process of changing your life. And this is just one of the many coping skills you learn in the Porn Reboot system. Are you ready to release yourself from the cycle of pornography addiction? Join us in the Porn Reboot group today.


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