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The Impact of Your Biochemistry on Testosterone

I’m a huge advocate of getting your testosterone levels checked when you join the Porn Reboot system.

Spending months or years addicted to pornography leaves your testosterone levels in the dirt. I’ve helped hundreds of men realize how far off their levels are from normal. Low testosterone levels lead to dozens of problems like low energy, limited sex drive, poor emotional regulation, and more. 

An effective reboot essentially means rewiring your brain. But how can you rewire your brain when your testosterone levels are so low? I’ll be the first to admit that biochemistry is a complex and complicated science. It’s far more intricate than I could explain to you in a blog post. But I do have a basic understanding of how it works in regards to testosterone levels and pornography addiction.

There are a few different chemicals that come into play during your reboot. Today I want to focus on dopamine, prolactin, and cortisol. Of course, there are plenty more things involved in your compulsive behavior, these are the four I want to keep it to for now. How can manipulating these chemicals lead to higher levels of testosterone?


Let’s start with prolactin. Prolactin is the chemical released every time you orgasm. Whether that’s an orgasm due to intercourse or an orgasm due to masturbation, prolactin is released. It’s the chemical that leaves you feeling laidback, lazy, and chill. 

These increased levels of prolactin in your system are part of what has you feeling unmotivated during the early days of your reboot. If you’ve been jerking off every single day for months or years, there are exorbitant amounts of it circulating in your system. High prolactin levels also mean lower testosterone levels. It’s no wonder your testosterone levels are so low when your prolactin levels are so high.

As you start controlling your out-of-control behaviors, the high concentrations of prolactin will dissipate. You’re not masturbating multiple times per day so you’re draining your testosterone. This means you’re going to feel more motivated during the day to stick to your new reboot skills.


Dopamine is that feel-good chemical that everyone wants to experience. It’s part of the reward system that got you trapped in the pornography cycle in the first place. But dopamine isn’t the enemy and you can find healthier ways to harness its power.

Studies have shown that the  higher your testosterone levels are, the more dopamine your brain will release throughout the day. This isn’t the case when you’re lounging around and stroking one out but it does apply to healthier outlets for dopamine release

For example, when you’re trying to be a high performer and hit your goals, testosterone and dopamine work in tandem. You’re going to feel an incredible amount of accomplishment, and thus a dopamine release when you finish a difficult task or complete a hard project.


Cortisol is the chemical released whenever you’re feeling stressed. I do want to admit that I have an admittedly non-scientific definition of stress, but I also find that it applies to many of the men in our Porn Reboot group. 

I see stress as the feeling that results when you want to do two things at the same time.

Let’s say you’re working on one project but you’re distracted by the deadline attached to something else you want to do. If you haven’t mastered how to focus your attention on managing one task at a time, you’re going to worry about both things at once. 

You send your cortisol levels off the charts when you let yourself stay in a state of stress, frustration, and anger. But having elevated cortisol levels lowers your testosterone, too. If you’re running around stressed out all the time you’re leaving yourself open to low testosterone levels. Mitigating stress is a crucial part of controlling your testosterone.

Use Your Biology to Change Your Behavior

The Porn Reboot program is based around working with your biology to change your behavior, not against it. But I don’t dive too deep into the biochemistry of your reboot. I know all these chemicals are at play but I’m also not here to overcomplicate it or overwhelm you. You want to control your behavior with pornography and masturbation and I’m here to help. 

Porn Reboot equips you with the tools, coping skills, and strategies you need to leave your struggles with pornography behind. We help you address your struggles and overcome them so you can build the life you’ve been working toward. You reconnect with that high-performing man you’re capable of becoming, free from the grips of pornography addiction.

You also don’t have to do this on your own. There is an entire group of people in the Porn Reboot system sharing their struggles and ready to help you. Want to take the next step to control your out-of-control behavior? Join us today.


J.K Emezi

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