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The One Secret to Hitting Your Goals in 2021

92% of people who set a New Year’s resolution either quit or don’t hit their goal by the end of the year.

Want to know what’s even more alarming?

80% of people who set a resolution give up on their goal by the end of February.

Are you part of that 92%? Or are you part of the 8% who sticks to their goals?

It’s okay if you’ve been part of the 92% or even that 80% in the past. Now that you’re committed to a new way of life, though, you want to be part of the group that sticks to their goals. And I’m going to let you in on a secret that will help you hit them.

Overcoming Your Resolution Struggles

I’m going to be honest with you guys – I struggled with resolutions up until about 2017. I’ve been at this for a while but New Year’s resolutions were something I still had a hard time with. Over the past three years, though, I’ve committed to making changes and turned it around. I’ve succeeded with goals concerning my reboot, health, income, businesses, and more.

What about you? What is something that could make a major difference in your life over the next year?

If you’re single, maybe you want to date more quality women. If you’re in a relationship or married, you want to have a better relationship with your wife. If you’re in business, you want to scale your business. You want to increase your sales percentage. If you’re working, you want to get promoted in your career. 

These are some big goals that we have as men. I’ve watched clients fulfill their goals year after year and it makes an incredible difference. It leaves them feeling like a completely different person when they compare who they were on January 1st to who they are on December 31st.

We’ve all been the person who sets goals and isn’t able to accomplish them, though. I’ve been that person as well. I remember very clearly in the past having all the right intentions. I started the year on the right foot but then I’d give up on myself by February and fall right back into my old patterns. 

I felt defeated. I felt stuck and I was doing the same things that I said I wasn’t going to do from the year before, but I was still exactly where I left off. If you’ve been in this position you know that feeling, too.

The Secret to Hitting Your Goals

There’s one major shift you can make that will make all the difference in 2021:

Treat every month like it’s the beginning of January.

Sure, January marks the start of a new calendar year. We write a new year when we’re writing down the date, we open up a fresh planner, and we celebrate the start of something new. But if you make the beginning of January that much different from the beginning of February, you’re going to fail with your goals.

You have to treat the start of every month like it’s the start of a new year. 

Want an even better tip?

Treat every DAY like it’s the start of a new year.

Too often people wait to start on their goals. They wait until Monday. They wait until next week, next month, next year. People put off starting for so long that they give up before they even begin. 

There’s a sense of urgency that occurs during the last couple of weeks of December. You’re almost forced to look back over the last year and consider where you were then and where you are now. But waiting until the end of the year to feel that urgency is what’s holding you back.

This secret has made all the difference for the men I work with. They’re treating the start of every day, the start of each month, as they would the beginning of January. Every time another man does this, amazing things happen.

Why is that?

We Don’t Like Feeling Like We’re Behind

As human beings, we don’t like to feel like we’re behind. Think about it. When we feel that we are not on track for something, we get discouraged, we feel defeated. We feel less than right. The worst thing is that we often give up. We give up when we don’t feel like we’re on track. 

How many times have you been the person that, when you get to a certain point and feel like you aren’t on track, you just take yourself out of the game? I bet there have been years where you didn’t even start your resolution on January 1st. You started it on January 4th or 5th because the new year didn’t fall on a Monday, or you were hungover, or for some other reason. This makes you feel even more behind than you already felt.

When you treat every day like a new year, though, you get ahead of the game. You’re already prepared for the new year. You started building your routine, getting into the groove of your system, and by the time January 1st rolls around you’re ready. You’re not behind because you already started.

Anything Worthwhile Requires Preparation

Think about the things that you take really seriously, things that you have a serious stake in, right? Maybe if you were the athletic type, you had to try out for a sports team and you were in high school. Maybe it was preparing for an interview with your dream job. Maybe it was preparing to sit down in front of a board of investors or venture capitalists and pitch a business idea for your startup.

What sort of preparation did you need to put in for the thing that really mattered to you?

You practiced your sport outside of practice hours. You did mock interviews. You pitched your business idea to trusted friends who would listen. You did all these different things to prepare for this big moment. Now you need to apply that to your goals. 

If you leave that preparation to January 1st, you’re going to feel behind. You won’t end up starting on your goals until a few days after. And if you’re anything like I was, you’ll get stuck in analysis paralysis and quit before you even begin.

Treating every day as a new year gives you time to prepare. You’ve already looked back at past mistakes and planned how to approach future goals. When January 1st arrives, the preparation phase is already complete. January 1st is no different than any other day because you’re already working toward meeting your goals.

Work Out the Kinks Before the New Year

It’s easy to get discouraged when things don’t go according to plan. If you’re approaching a big goal and end up hitting a wall without being prepared, you’re going to land yourself in that 80% category. 

Treating every day like a new year allows you to work out the kinks before the new year comes. It also minimizes the need to be perfect. There’s no pinnacle day you’re aiming to achieve something by – it turns January 1st into just another day. It relieves the pressure that people put on themselves when creating their New Year’s resolutions.

You can have a fresh start whenever you want to when you treat every day like a new year. There’s no failure because you’re committed to trying your hardest each and every day. You can work out the kinks whenever they arise without feeling like you’ve given up on your goals.

Build Momentum Every Day

You might have heard the quote from John Maxwell, “Momentum is a leader’s best friend.” Objects in motion tend to stay in motion. Starting your goals on January 1st gives you no built up momentum to go off of; you have to start fresh. 

When you treat every day like the beginning of January, though, you’re building momentum daily. You relieve the pressure that comes with the idea of, “New year, new you.” You’re already setting yourself up for success long before others are even considering their goals. 

Ask yourself how you want to feel this time next year. What do you want to look like, feel like, or be like on December 31st, 2021? Commit this to memory and get started NOW. Then on January 1st, keep going. When February 1st comes around, don’t stop. As you turn your calendar to March 1st, you’ve got some momentum built up behind you.

All you need to do is keep the ball rolling, keep putting coals into the fire you’ve lit. You have a newfound certainty that you never had before. There’s no doubt that you’re going to hit whatever goals you have in mind, whether it’s with your reboot, your relationships, or your business.

If you’re serious about making this year different, make the decision today. Draw that line in the sand. Continue making that decision every day from now until the end of next year. The best way to ensure you keep moving forward is to surround yourself with a community

Getting in the middle of the Porn Reboot group is a great way to connect with other like-minded men working towards becoming better versions of themselves. We’re committed to ourselves, our families, our friends, and our goals. You’ll find the support you need to sustain yourself through 2021 and hit the goals you’ve got in mind.


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