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Tips for High Performers: You Are Your Biggest Investment

A few days ago I wrote the first post in a series I’m calling the Tips for High Performers. As I explained before, the Porn Reboot group is filled with high-performing men. Whether that’s in their careers, their businesses, their relationships, or their families, they settle for nothing less than their best. They’re the type of people you look toward when you need something done.

High performers are successful at nearly everything they set their minds to. But when it comes to their out of control sexual behavior they find themselves baffled. They’re trapped by their pornography addiction and compulsive sexual behaviors. They find it nearly impossible to quit no matter what they try.

These tips for high performers will walk you through the first steps of controlling your out of control behaviors as a high performer. First, I wrote about the importance of addressing your mindset before strategy. Controlling your out of control behavior is possible but requires a complete overhaul of your mindset. 

Today, I’m going to explain why you are your biggest investment. High performers understand this in many areas but it gets complicated when it comes to sexual behavior. I’m going to help clear up your confusion.

Overcoming Excuses

High performing men have a lot going on in their lives. No matter what point you’re at in life, whether you’re single or in a committed relationship, raising children or you’re in an empty nest, you have a lot on your plate. There’s always someone to talk to, something to handle, and somewhere to be.

Taking the time to control your out of control behavior might feel like a lower priority at the moment. Men find any number of excuses for why they can’t put their energy into focusing on their compulsive sexual problems. Believe me – if you’re thinking of an excuse right now I’ve probably already heard it at least twice.

“I’m working on my business right now, JK. It’s taking everything I’ve got to keep it moving forward after this last year.”

“I’m focused on losing weight and getting my health back in check right now. Going to the gym and meal prepping is where my energy is going.”

“I’m trying to fix my relationship at the moment. We’re on thin ice and I’m doing all I can to hold things together.”

You can come up with all kinds of excuses to avoid taking on your out of control behaviors. But whether you realize it or not, your out of control behavior is holding you back in every area of your life. Why won’t you focus on fixing the problem once and for all?

If you’re a high performer you already know that you’re your biggest investment. But you probably haven’t accepted that overcoming your out of control behavior should be the biggest priority in your life.

Prioritizing Your Porn Reboot

So long as you’re trapped in the cycle of compulsive sexual behavior and porn addiction, you’re not at peak performance. You might look like you’re living the dream from the outside looking in. You’ve got a seven-figure business, a stunning wife, and a few incredible kids. You’re successful by every stretch of the imagination.

But you’re hiding an addiction that’s quietly eating you away behind closed doors.

Your compulsive sexual behaviors affect the other areas of your life, even if no one knows about them. They take time, attention, finances, and energy away from other things that are important to you. Even if it seems like you’re a high performer by every definition of the word, you could be at an even higher level once you control your behaviors.

Why shouldn’t you prioritize your reboot?

Some men feel they need to trade their control over their behaviors for success but they’re wrong. In reality, your control over your sexual behavior is the catalyst to the next level of success. If you’ve struggled with this for years, controlling your behavior is going to change everything.

You Become the ROI

High performing business and career men are focused on the bottom line, the return on investment. Everything in business is about ROI at the end of the day. Controlling your reboot operates on the same principle.

Sure, implementing a system to control your behavior takes time, practice, focus, and energy. It’s not going to go away at the flip of a switch. You’re going to have to commit to and work for it. But the return you receive on your investment will be worth every minute you’ve spent working on your reboot.

You become the ROI when you choose to focus on your reboot. You are your biggest investment because removing these compulsions from your life improves your focus in the other areas of your life. When you work on yourself, your energy, and your mind, you transform the environment around you as a result. All ships rise with the tide.

Success is Due to Healthy Living

“High performance requires habits that protect your well-being, that maintain positive relationships, and ensure that you serve others as you climb. You simply can’t beat the norms if you’ve driven yourself into the ground.” – Brendan Burchard

Whether or not you’re a fan, Brendan Burchard is on point with this quote. Plenty of people can achieve short-term success. All it takes is some energy and discipline for a defined period of time to build something great. 

Sustaining high-performing success is a completely different story. If you’ve driven yourself into the ground, you can’t maintain your success. You need to develop a healthy approach to living if you want to continue being a high performer in the years ahead. 

There’s an important caveat, though. Right now you might view success through the lens of business, career, or finances. But healthy living isn’t just about achieving a certain number in your bank account or investment portfolios. Healthy living means seeking balance in all areas of your life while still pursuing success.

When you control your sexual behavior, you’re going to build wealth. But you’re not only going to build wealth in terms of your business or career; you’re going to build wealth in your friendships, wealth in the depth of your intimacy, wealth in your relationship with your kids.

You’re Your Biggest Investment

Everyone benefits when you commit to the knowledge that you’re your biggest investment. The positive effects of overcoming your compulsive sexual behaviors affect your family, friends, colleagues, business partners, and even acquaintances. As you work on becoming your best self, that positive mindset radiates out to every person you come in contact with.

So how can you move forward with this understanding?

Tell yourself right now that your reboot, along with the resulting control over your sexual behavior, is equal to your wealth in every area of your life. As your action step for this tip, I want you to commit the following phrase to memory over the next few days:  “When I work on my reboot, everything works itself out.”

Join the Porn Reboot group on Facebook and let us know where you’re at in your reboot. Get in the middle of the group, seek support for yourself, and offer support to your brothers as well. As always, brothers, we’re in this struggle together as we work toward becoming the best version of ourselves.


J.K Emezi

Hi! I’m J.K. I’m here to help you quit your porn and sex addiction, and achieve a healthy, happy and fulfilled life.

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