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Transform Your Suffering

Transform Your Suffering

Transforming your pain and suffering is a vital part of your Porn Reboot program. Your long-term success depends on one main characteristic: your ability to transform yourself. Why is that? 

You experience many different things as you progress through the Porn Reboot system. There are the highs of consistency with the system and the lows of unexpected slips. Eventually, you arrive at a point where you realize that this entire process matters

You’re confronting that voice within you, the one which asks, “Can you really do this?” It matters because you’re boldly facing your deepest fear, the fear that whispers, “What if you never quit?”

It matters.

You’re rejecting the embrace of that dark, terrible horror that rises from the depths of your soul. The one that comes when you relapse after many months, or even years. “How could I let this happen? How could this happen after I was doing well for so long?”

It matters.

In my personal journey, I came to realize that all of these experiences, the fear of never quitting, the voice, the self-doubt, the disappointing relapses, they weren’t bad. They weren’t evil. I chose to label them as bad, unfortunate things, but they were not those things.

See, the fear that comes from a lifetime of bondage to a behavior creates a deep sense of shame. You guys know that shame I’m talking about, the shame that can never be showered off or slept off. It comes from the actions and all those things you feel you can never forgive yourself for.

You have to realize, though, just like I did, that these are simply human experiences. Everyone has their struggles. We are just part of the group of people who choose to confront their struggles. That’s what you’re doing right now by reading this.

Everyone struggles with something but you don’t always see it. This alone is a reason to reject your shame because there isn’t a single person in the world who is perfect. No one walks around without some sort of struggle. Some people aren’t even aware of their compulsive behaviors.

As I observed these experiences and started understanding their nature, it began to fill those holes within me. The pain and suffering left behind by my addiction were soon transformed into something greater: meaning.

All your pain and suffering must be transformed into meaning.

You can use your emotional pain as a catalyst and tool for personal evolution. It’s what sets human beings apart and gives us a truly human experience. Sometimes we condition ourselves to believe that human experiences are only pleasurable things. The real test of a human being, though, is to use your suffering and grow and transform.

How you choose to play the cards you’ve been dealt sets the stage for the rest of your journey. You get to determine how rich and fulfilling your time on this planet is going to be. When you derive meaning from your pain and suffering, you transcend that experience and become something greater.

You’re not alone in the struggle, brother. Your journey may feel unbearable. It might be long and filled with setbacks. Many long nights show no sign of the eventual dawn. 

But remember: it matters.

It matters to you, it matters to your wife, it matters to your children. It matters to your family and your friends. It matters because overcoming your struggle with porn addiction is part of your purpose in this world. There is a meaning to everything you’re going through right now, brother, and we’re all here to help you to the other side.



J.K Emezi

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