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Weak Beliefs, Trial Rebooters, and Type B Men

One of our brothers recently asked how having weak beliefs in the Porn Reboot system differs from being a Type A man. He’s sort of off-track here; weak beliefs and being a Type A man are two separate concepts. Comparing these two concepts isn’t the most effective way to ask this question.

I cover a ton of concepts here on the Porn Reboot blog, in our podcast, and during our videos. Sometimes men confuse the things I talk about and have a hard time clarifying the differences between each of them. I want to clear up the confusion I’ve seen lately when it comes to strong vs. weak beliefs; true vs. trial rebooters; Type A vs. Type B men.

I’ve talked about each of these in-depth at various points on each of my channels. All of these concepts are important aspects of the Porn Reboot process. The type of man you are and the way you approach your reboot says a lot about how successful you are going to be. But just because you’re one thing at one point doesn’t mean you can shift to being another.

I’m going to dive a little into these concepts today and offer you an overview of each. The more you understand each part, the better you can determine where you are in your reboot.

Weak Beliefs vs. Strong Beliefs

Having weak beliefs is a recipe for failure in your reboot. I want to clarify, though: I’m not talking about religious beliefs or moral beliefs. The belief I’m referring to is your belief in the Porn Reboot program. The program works for you to the exact extent you believe it will.

You might think you’re a special or unique case and the system won’t help you control your out-of-control behavior. But telling yourself that it isn’t going to work means that it won’t work. If you have weak beliefs in the Porn Reboot program, it’s only a matter of time before you relapse. 

On the other hand, having strong beliefs in the Porn Reboot program means you’ll have a better outcome. You trust the system will work in your life the same way it has for hundreds of men just like you. You’re harnessing the power of your mind, rewiring your brain, and accepting the fact that you can overcome your behavior.

Both Type A and Type B men can have weak beliefs in the program. The type of man you are doesn’t necessarily determine how strong your belief in the Porn Reboot system is. Something I’ve noticed over the years, though, is that Type A men tend to hold the same type of beliefs.

Type B Men vs. Type A Men

I talk a lot about Type A and Type B men. Type A men are those men who are action-oriented, high-performing go-getters who take life by the horns. Type B men are men who are more hesitant, cautious, and passive when they approach life. Most men naturally lean in one direction or the other.

Type A men come into the program with a plan to control their behavior. They’re the type of people who take a ton of action. They have a general idea of what they want and need to do because they simply see their compulsive behavior as another roadblock in the way of their goals. Type A men might not know how to overcome it but they know they need to.

Type B men hesitantly make their way into the Porn Reboot program. They’re the type who reach out with indirect questions and feel helpless about their current situation. These men send a message asking for help or tips or to express their frustration, but aren’t necessarily ready to jump into action.

I notice that Type A men tend to have a naturally strong belief in the Porn Reboot program. They come into the group understanding what needs to be done but they don’t know how to approach the problem. Type A men don’t need their hands held; they just need to be told what to do.

Type B men are more difficult to work with because they need more support and encouragement. They also believe they’ll never make the change to being a Type A kind of man but this simply isn’t true. Taking the program seriously and developing strong beliefs in the system is the precise way a Type B man can become a Type A man.

Trial Rebooters vs. True Rebooters

Trial rebooters are the men who come into the Porn Reboot program to test the waters but don’t truly want to commit. They aren’t sure whether they have a problem with pornography or they’re making a big deal out of nothing. 

These men won’t give up their old behaviors yet, things like staying up late, binging Netflix, skipping the gym, and eating poorly. At the same time, they can’t figure out how to quit watching porn. These trial rebooters are stuck in a constant loop of wanting to stop and then convincing themselves there isn’t a problem.

True rebooters are the men who come in ready to work. They understand that their behavior is problematic and are willing to do what it takes to stop. True rebooters recognize they need to let go of their old coping skills, learn new alternatives, and make some big changes in their lives. They have come to peace with the reality of their situation and know it’s time to do something different.

Making the Switch

Most men walk around feeling satisfied with being average. They are okay with playing video games for hours and drinking heavily every weekend. They’re fine with going to the gym occasionally and only putting in half-effort at work. But they also receive the results of being an average Type B man.

This might be the case for you right now but you also are not stuck being the same type of man forever. You may come into the Porn Reboot program as a Type B trial rebooter with weak beliefs but you can make a switch. Over time you can take the action required to become a Type A man with strong beliefs who is committed to his reboot. 

It’s not going to happen all at once and it’s not going to be easy, but you can shift from being one type of man to the other. You can become whatever you want to be in life so long as you’re willing to put in the work. Overcoming your out-of-control behavior takes dedication and effort but the results are more than worth it.

Ready to find out how you can make these changes in your life? Come cultivate the self-awareness necessary to keep going forward alongside your brothers in the Porn Reboot group. What are the roadblocks you’re running up against and what are you doing to move around them? Join us in the Porn Reboot group today, let us know where you’re at, and we’ll be here to help you.


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