Why Your Porn Reboot Makes You Unhappy

Hey brothers, I wanted to take a moment to share a quick message with those who are still slipping, still relapsing. I also want to talk to those of you who are very unhappy because you feel like you have nothing to show for trying to control this behavior. 

You might feel there is something within you as an individual that prevents you from controlling your behavior. There are all sorts of resources to control it but you still struggle with slips. You don’t believe you have what it takes to end this behavior. 

This message is for those of you who believe that because almost everybody has felt the way you do right now. Everyone who starts the Porn Reboot journey and ends it by rewiring their brain and controlling the behavior has felt the struggle at some point. It’s not a personal failing that is unique to you.

The reason your Porn Reboot makes you unhappy is because you haven’t yet changed your mindset. You don’t have the right mindset to reboot and when you start you’re going to keep being beaten down by your failures. It feels like no progress is being made so I want to share with you a new mindset to adopt that will give you some hope.

You need to believe and know that your future is always bigger than your past.

It might sound difficult but changing your mindset will shift your feelings for your reboot. This mindset shift will transform your reboot and your life entirely. Your future is always bigger than your past and there are two simple reasons this is true. 

The first reason is many of us start off unhappy not only with our compulsive behaviors but our lives in general. You keep living in the past, looking back and focusing on all the times we’ve slipped. “I’ve failed so many times,” you tell yourself. You start building a false narrative that supports your false belief:

  • I’m uniquely unable to implement the system
  • I have weak willpower
  • I’m a weak man

Whatever you’re telling yourself is a lie. It’s not true. You’re living in the past, focused on old mistakes, and then using them to fuel your present-day narrative. But your future is far bigger than your past and shifting your mindset is crucial.

Your past is much shorter than you think. It’s challenging to realize this because your past is the only frame of reference you have. You spent most of your past as a child, teenager, or young adult with little experience. A lot of your past feels wasted because you didn’t have the knowledge.

Your future, on the other hand, is much bigger than you think it is. If you’re in your forties or fifties, you still have plenty of time ahead of you. That time is even more important now, though, because you have the knowledge and experience to make use of it.

When you were in your twenties you spent years making some poor decisions because you were young. You spent these years learning and gathering experience. Now that you’re ready to change your life you can make use of these learning years and lean into your incredible future.

There are also only so many lessons you can learn from the past. You have a limited pool of experience to draw from; you can’t go back and change anything that happened. The future, on the other hand, is infinite. As long as you are alive and your brain is functioning, there is so much you can learn.

Think about it. You can learn more in the next year than you did in all the years leading up to this one. Doesn’t that make the future amazing?

But if your porn reboot is making you unhappy then you haven’t grasped this mindset yet. You’re still stuck in the past and unaware of just how much possibility lies ahead of you in the future. It’s time to start shifting your mindset away from what has happened and toward what has yet to happen.

Start spending time in the morning to cultivate some excitement for the present moment and the future ahead of you. Take a few minutes every day to build the habit of seeking gratitude for a new chance to learn and grow. 

This is a foundational concept of the Porn Reboot system. Until you shift your mindset, the system might seem ordinary to you. It might be hard to grasp the concepts we’re talking about when you’re stuck in the past. Start shifting your mindset today, brother, and your Porn Reboot will make you the happiest man alive.


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