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This Unique, Proven Process Is Rooted In Cutting-Edge Neuroscience, Behavior Modification Research, and Peer-Reviewed Studies

The entire Porn Reboot process is designed to give you



No 12-step meetings.
No long therapy sessions.
No trauma recovery.

Just an unwavering, high-level commitment to honesty and accountability.

There are three formats, each designed to serve a particular demographic and with different levels of anonymity and customization. All utilize the same peer-reviewed, cutting-edge research and proven process. All require a success mindset, honesty and responsibility for your actions.

All will help you end your porn habit permanently.

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Our high success rate is dependent on our adherence to these requirements. We have terminated the memberships of those who are unable to commit fully to the process. Working with us requires that you are all-in with the program – otherwise, it simply won’t work for you.

The Porn Reboot™ Intensive

A live, exclusive group coaching program with a small community of your peers.

Designed for the high-achieving man who values his privacy but also seeks a community on the same journey as he is. You’re ready to consume the content but are also committed to participating with the live calls and group support. You’re ready to put in the work required to make a difference in your life.

With this program, you will:

The limited small-group nature of this program results in a waiting list and acceptance into this program is dependent on your application and available space.

To discover if you’re a fit and begin the admissions process, schedule a confidential call.

1-on-1 PRIVATE Coaching

Personalized accountability and direct on-call access.

Designed for the high-profile celebrity or those with a need for discretion, this 12-week program will give you direct access to me as your personal coach and accountability partner. I will be on-call for you 12-hours a day to work you through the entire process on your schedule.

With this private, 1-on-1 coaching and accountability, you’ll receive a customized plan tailored to your specific situation and personality, as well as the level of support you need.

And because I only accept ONE 1-on-1 client per quarter, I’m able to give you my full attention and maximize your recovery.

Because of this limitation, there’s a waitlist and I require a confidential telephone conversation directly with you to determine whether you’re a fit. During our conversation, we’ll also discuss the logistical details of your recovery as well as the waiting period to begin, the time commitment required, and the financial investment.

1-on-1 coaching sessions

Transform your struggles into strengths with our personalized one-on-one coaching.
Our team of specialized coaches brings a diverse range of skills and expertise uniquely tailored
to support you in overcoming out-of-control sexual behaviors.

With our team’s combined expertise in trauma-informed care, psychology, neural reprogramming, and addiction recovery, you’re not just getting a coach; you’re gaining access to a comprehensive support system tailored to your journey. Schedule your confidential one-on-one session today and take the first step towards a life defined by freedom, control, and fulfillment.

  • Dr. Jessica Eastman leverages her expertise as a trauma-informed Naturopathic Doctor and Trauma Recovery Coach, offering compassionate care and specialized strategies for mental health and addiction recovery.


  • Dr. Howard Rankin brings deep insights from his extensive psychology and addiction research background, providing innovative solutions and a scientific approach to recovery.


  • Coach Milan offers breakthrough neural reprogramming and executive mindset coaching, empowering you to transcend limitations and achieve your highest goals.


  • J.K Emezi, our Certified Addiction Coach and CEO, shares his profound understanding and personal victory over porn addiction, guiding you through The Porn Reboot System for rapid and effective recovery.


The daily habits of Porn-free men

With this 1-year program, you’ll get 12-weeks of content designed to walk you through the Porn Reboot™ System at your own pace from the comfort of your home, plus a suite of recovery worksheets and tools delivered via email. 

If you want to regain control of your habit within 90 days but want more support to rebuild the life you’ve lost… The Porn Reboot™ Rewire Your Desire Program is the right choice for you.

Here is what you will learn in 7 In-Depth lessons:

Rewire Your Desire

The Daily Habits of a Porn-Free Man

Here is what you will learn in 7 lessons:

When you let go of this old, compulsive habit, a lot of things are going to change.

You will make space for a deeper relationship with your inner self…

You will find more spiritual fulfillment in your life…

You will reclaim your true, deep, authentic and powerful sense of masculinity…

And you set yourself up for long-term happiness.

This is a safe space. I refuse to let you label yourself as a lifelong addict. You can break free from porn and create lasting habits that are aligned with the life you deserve.

Let me show you how.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let me start by congratulating you on your decision to seek help in this area of your life- it takes quite a bit of courage to get to this point. You and I will get on a call and discuss the current challenges that you are dealing with in your life related to pornography and sex. It is an opportunity to find out if we are a good fit for working together. If it is, a recovery strategy will be outlined for you based on where you are in your current situation. We will schedule a regular meeting time and begin with your first recovery exercise or assignment

The initial consultation is free

It’s quite normal to feel reserved about disclosing an area of your life which you may have never shared with anyone. Part of the requirements of being a recovery coach is being non-judgmental. At Elevated Recovery, you will always be in a safe and private environment where you can open up about your challenges-perhaps for the first time ever. It takes time to build a relationship, but you will find that your level of comfort and trust will keep growing as time passes. There is no need to feel shame when you are in a safe, supportive environment.

Cancellations within 24 hours are allowed. I understand that emergencies come up. Due to the wait list, any cancellations or no shows for a scheduled call second time cannot be rescheduled.

Recovery varies according to each client. The challenges some clients face can be dealt with effectively in a very short amount of time (3 month at minimum or 12 calls/conversations).

Some clients may need more time depending on their situation. The best time to address this is during the first coaching conversation where we can outline your specific challenges, goals, and vision for your future as well as a strategic recovery plan.

Typically, a minimum of three months of recovery coaching has been observed to provide the most progress for many clients. If you have more questions about the length of recovery coaching, feel free to bring them up during our first call.

A majority of my coaching sessions are held over the phone or on Skype, so scheduling a rarely an issue. Elevated Recovery is known for its flexible accountability hours.That means whether you are in New York, Melbourne, Cape Town or Tokyo, you can rest assured that we will be available to have your session.

Recovery Coaching is strictly confidential. I take your privacy and boundaries very seriously. Regardless of your status, reputation or fame, you will always have your sessions in an atmosphere of trust. Some high-profile individuals prefer to avoid technology while working on themselves. If you prefer more discreet sessions, I offer “house calls” and multi-day, in-person sessions on a limited basis. Every client deserves to experience recovery with the maximum amount of safety and trust.

It should be noted that while neither “porn addiction” or “sex addiction” are clinical diagnoses, both terms have become very common in our culture. Regardless of the labels surrounding these issues, clients who work with me are experiencing real and destructive consequences in life due to their inability to regain control of their sexual life. Some of these consequences include: losing relationships, large amounts of time lost to pornography and sexual fantasies, desensitization to regular sex, development of fetishes and “taboo” sexual preferences which the client is uncomfortable with, risking their career and academics, deep feelings of shame and self-hate, legal issues and much more.

The work that we will be doing together is that of a professional consulting/coaching/client relationship which differs from psychotherapy services.

Consulting/Coaching often deals with (but is not limited to):

  • A person’s future and often utilizes tools such as accountability, goal setting, executing a vision, personal development, educational goals, collaborative action steps, outcome goals, and motivational work.Recovery coaching is very proactive, being solution and action oriented.

Psychotherapy often deals with (but is not limited to):

  • An individual’s current psychological stress that may stem from difficult early years experience, trauma and/or attachment disorders and/or addiction issues. Therapy often involves examining thought processes and interpersonal relationships and other psychological challenges that may negatively interfere with a person’s day-to-day psychological functioning.

To illustrate, if a client has persistent negative self-belief, a therapist would focus on finding out the root cause and origin of the negative self-belief using a medical method they are trained in. A recovery coach would treat the negative self-belief as an obstacle in the way of the primary goal (recovery from porn addiction), and work with the client to develop a method of overcoming the negative belief.

A therapist focuses on healing and understanding. A recovery coach focuses on evolving and reaching your potential.

Working with a recovery coach who you can communicate with easily and trust is important. I recommend that you take your time while seeking out a coach. A few questions to ask are:

  • Are they an expert in their area of specialization?
  • Do you have considerable experience in the field of coaching
  • Is your approach currently producing results for your clients?
  • Do you have direct experience dealing with the challenge you are coaching clients through?
You can learn more about me and my experiences at the About Me page.  For clients interested in working with Elevated Recovery, we typically have a wait list and recommend that we meet for a first session to discuss your current challenges and to see if it feels like a good fit for both of us. If so, then we welcome the opportunity to support your healing journey. If not, then I am happy to provide you with referrals that you can explore as other options.
The style at Elevated Recovery is focused on providing support, motivation, and accountability. focused on helping clients build and maintain areas of their life they might be lacking in. You are supported in building up your social, environmental, emotional, health and spiritual areas of your life. To be fully recovered, there is one thing you have to regain- your SELF.

I’m a no B.S. sort of coach. My style is compassionate, yet straight to the point. If you have spent many years of your life stuck in erroneous thinking, it is my role to help you discover those aspects your life that have been enabling your challenges. You will also be kept accountable, trained in self-accountability, taught how to set and devise plans for reaching your goals and constantly encouraged to reach higher heights.

I want every client to benefit as much as they can from their time with me and believe that this is hope and life after the struggle with pornography and sex.
J.K’s pre-coaching professional background includes the Executive Director of an International internship company. He has also managed multiple Business to Customer sales organizations as a sales manager and sales trainer for over a decade.

Additionally, I am currently a Certified Life Coach through the World Coach Institute and completing certification as a Certified Addiction Recovery Coach (CAC)

I am also undergoing training under Dr Dawn-Elise Snipes for certification as a Sex and Pornography Addiction Counselor (SPARC). In early 2018, I also gained two more certifications in the field of Pornography, Sex Addiction, and Trauma Recovery Counseling.

My articles on porn and sex addiction have been published on Fight the New Drug, Order of Man, Your Tango, Elephant Journal and many more publications.

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