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This Program Is Literally Saving My Life.

Jesus has been struggling for over 10 years… and he didn’t want to accept the truth. After joining the program, he FINALLY has his addiction under control and has been porn-free for over a year.




It’s Been The Best Year Of My Life

Scott discovered that the big declarations of willpower never worked. But now, 10 months porn and masturbation free, he’s learned the objective truths that made the difference for him.

“Elevated Recovery is more than just gaining control over your compulsive behavior; it’s about becoming a new man.”

Alexandre Kounde

Words Cannot Describe How Much You’ve Changed My Existence

Barry was spending a lot of time – and money – on porn. Since starting the program, he’s limited to struggling just rarely – but he’s kept access to the group for the support. He’s nearly doubled his income in the last year… AND he was able to buy his mom a beach house with the money he made with the time he no longer spent on porn.




I Don’t Recognize Myself - I Can Even See It In Pictures

Elias felt isolated, even when he was surrounded by friends. He’d lost his passions and creativity. He would panic about finding the next time he felt good. After being in the program for a full year, he’s experiencing a sense of steady calm. He’s no longer isolating himself from others or overwhelmed by being around people. He’s found the beauty in being open to the world around him instead of just living his life believing the wrong thing about himself.

“Elevated Recovery is a game changer and life saver. Best thing I could have done was join this group.”

Adam Hunter

Who I Was Before & Who I’m Becoming Are Two Totally Different People

Dominick has been successful for 30 or 60 days on his own… but his willpower would dissipate because he didn’t clearly define his boundaries. Through his time in our program, he really clarified his boundaries and created relationships with accountability partners that also went through our program. And now he’s continuing to grow into the man he wants to be.




I Got My Life Back, Probably For The First Time

Keith came to our program having already done some work on himself and had stayed away from porn for nearly 2 years on his own. But he knew he hadn’t addressed the issues and that he was constantly on the edge of a relapse – and he was tired of living in the uncertainty and anxiety. Through our program, he discovered how to question and challenge everything, including what his mind tells him. And now he’s enjoying better relationships with everyone, more confidence, and more peace of mind every single day.

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