You Are a Winner

I’m going to keep it short and sweet today. I don’t know who needs to read this but I feel the need to share it today:

You are a winner.

Our world was thrown into chaos over a year ago. Everything we knew was pushed to the side and replaced with an overwhelming sense of uncertainty. I remember it like it was yesterday, wondering whether things would ever be the same again.

Men who had made incredible progress in their reboot were certain they would relapse. They feared they’d go back to their behaviors in a worse way than they had before. They were emotionally crushed, lost focus, and retreated into a sense of apathy. Many lost relationships during the last year that they thought they’d be in forever.

But many pulled through successfully. Whether you slipped or not, you made it to this point today. You took your self-care to another level, stepped up, and led your family and loved ones by example. You released limiting beliefs and you took responsibility for your life. Despite setbacks, slips, or relapses, you kept coming back. 

You were the man who found wins within the most hopeless of situations, situations where no one could possibly believe there was a win. You’re part of a community of men who are stronger than they ever believed possible, who supported each other during the last year of incredible pain, struggle, and fear.

You emerged as a winner. I’m proud of the progress you made over the past 12 months. No matter where you’re at in your reboot, you’re still here. You’re going to continue working hard and stepping into the space you’re supposed to be. And I look forward to seeing it.

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