Strategies vs. Principles

The techniques, tools, and strategies you learn in the Porn Reboot program are an integral part of your progress.

They’re key factors to help you learn to control your out-of-control behavior. You won’t get very far if you don’t learn to implement these things in your daily life.

At the same time, you need more than the techniques, tools, and strategies alone. If you find yourself frustrated at your perceived lack of progress in the program, you might be missing an integral part of the process. You can apply all of these things in your life but if you don’t understand the principles behind them, you’re going to stay stuck.

Men are usually excited to implement the things they learn at the beginning of their reboot. They’re willing to go to bed early, commit to morning recovery time, go to the gym regularly, keep a journal, and check in with their accountability partner. Once they notice some quick results they feel even more inclined to stick with the program.

As time goes on, though, the novelty of the tools and strategies wears off. There are times you’ll want to stay up late watching another episode of a show or skip the gym to hang out with your buddies. You’ll feel like sleeping in instead of sticking to your morning recovery time. You’re not going to feel the need to check in with your accountability partner some days.

This is when the principles behind these techniques come into play. You must understand the principles that drive the habits you learn in the Porn Reboot program. When your motivation to stick to your reboot wanes, your understanding of the principles behind them steps up to keep you committed moving forward.

Here’s another way to look at it. Let’s take the principle of compounding interest on investments. You understand the principle behind compounding interest so you understand the importance of saving and investing your money. There might be times you’d rather make an impulse purchase but you stick to your investment strategies instead.

A person who doesn’t understand the principle behind compounding interest won’t have the same drive to save. They have no incentive to invest because they don’t get that the principle of interest makes their money work for them. They’ll give in to those impulse buys instead of developing an investment strategy.

The same thing applies to your reboot. If you don’t understand the principles behind the small daily habits we utilize, you’re going to skip out on them. That’ll keep you trapped in the never ending cycle of slips and relapses, though, so it’s important to understand why you’re committing to your reboot.

Think about one of the things I stress regularly: you need to work with your brain instead of against it. Understanding that principle means you recognize that willpower will only take you so far. You might feel tempted to slack some days but when you understand that these habits help you work with your brain, you’re going to stick to them.

It’s easy to come into the program and get excited about the system but that excitement isn’t going to last. What are you going to do when that motivation runs out? Unless you get to work on understanding the principles behind the program now, brothers, you’re going to have a difficult time sticking to the system.

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