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At Elevated Recovery, we understand the challenges you face with out-of-control sexual behaviors. Our mission is to guide you toward reclaiming your life, restoring your relationships, and renewing your sense of self. Our private one-on-one coaching is designed to offer you the personalized support and strategies you need to overcome your struggles and achieve lasting change.

Dr. Jessica Eastman, ND

Trauma Recovery & Mental Health Specialist
Dr. Eastman is a trauma-informed Naturopathic Doctor and Trauma Recovery Coach with over a decade of experience in mental healthcare and addiction recovery. Her approach is built on compassion, understanding, and the latest in gentle, supportive therapy and counseling. Jessica specializes in mindfulness, somatic therapy, polyvagal theory, and family systems theory, offering personalized strategies to support your nervous system and foster recovery. Her harm reduction model and belief in the uniqueness of each recovery journey make her a pivotal figure in our team, empowering clients to navigate their paths with strength and resilience.

Dr. Howard Rankin

Psychology Expert & Author
With an extensive background in psychology, addiction research, and practical application, Dr. Rankin brings invaluable insight to our coaching services. Having spent years at the forefront of addiction research and treatment, Howard’s approach is informed by over 30 academic papers and several groundbreaking books on the mind, communication, and addiction recovery. His transition to coaching and writing has enriched his methodology, blending scientific rigor with personal experience and innovative communication strategies. Dr. Rankin’s work is dedicated to uncovering and addressing the root causes of addiction, offering clients a path to understanding and overcoming their challenges.


Neural Reprogramming & Executive Mindset Coach
Milan specializes in guiding ambitious professionals through transformative breakthroughs, leveraging a unique 3-step process called Masterful Self-Integration. This approach focuses on transcending limitations, eliminating mental blocks, and achieving aspirational goals. Milan’s methodology addresses limiting beliefs, internal resistance, and negative patterns, facilitating personal and professional growth. With a track record of empowering hundreds of individuals, Milan’s coaching is a beacon for those seeking to enhance their happiness, self-worth, and success.

J.K Emezi

Certified Addiction Coach & CEO of Elevated Recovery

J.K Emezi, founder of Elevated Recovery, is a Certified Addiction Coach (CAC) and Sex & Pornography Addiction Recovery Coach (SPARC) with a deep understanding of the challenges faced by individuals with porn addiction. Through his personal victory over a decade-long battle with porn addiction, J.K developed The Porn Reboot System—a proven method that helps individuals regain control of their sexual behavior rapidly. With a diverse clientele worldwide, J.K’s approach is endorsed by professionals across fields for its effectiveness in overcoming addiction, alleviating anxiety, and enhancing relationships. His commitment to facilitating transformative journeys is rooted in a sincere dedication to recovery and personal growth.

Why Choose Our Coaching?

Expert Guidance

Benefit from the depth of knowledge and diverse expertise our coaches offer. Whether you're seeking trauma-informed care, psychological insight, or neural reprogramming, our team is equipped to support your journey.

Personalized Support

Your coaching plan is customized to meet your individual needs, goals, and circumstances. We believe in a personalized approach to rebooting, ensuring you receive the most effective strategies for your situation.

Confidentiality and Trust

Our coaching environment is safe, private, and judgment-free. We prioritize your confidentiality, offering a space where you can confidently explore your struggles and progress.

Flexible and Convenient

We understand the demands of your life. That's why we offer flexible scheduling and remote sessions, making it easier for you to access the support you need when you need it.

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