How To Test for Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction (PIED)

There is quit a bit of confusion around the effects of pornography on sexual health. Some guys email me asking about porn induced erectile dysfunction (PIED), others worry about when they will regain “morning wood” which refers to the erections men with healthy testosterone levels experience when they wake up in the morning.

Gary Wilson, from YourBrainOnPorn developed a simple test for guys to find out if their sexual performance is directly related to porn or instead, comes from performance anxiety.

I’ve modified his this test based on my surveys with over 300 of my one on one clients as well as my personal experience with PIED.
As you know- recovery from porn addiction changed my life in every way- my health, finances, relationships and mindset become better through recovery. For the underachieving, below average guy who isn’t hitting his potential, recovery is self improvement. My life is a testimony to that.
I believe that men who suffer from PIED should recover and have even better sexual health than what they experienced prior to addiction.  If you’ve never had sex,no worries- my method of recovery will put in you a position to not just perform well sexually, but to constantly improve over time.  The truth is, if you suffer from PIED, are a virgin and plan on being sexually active, you don’t really have a choice.

Lets begin:

1) Visit a Urologist and get some tests done. Urologists are physicians who specialize in the genitourinary tract. This includes the bladder, adrenal glands, reproductive organs, kidneys and urethra. They also specialize in male fertility with the training to medically and surgically treat any diseases that affect these organs.

A good portion of my clients have visited a urologist only to find that they have severely low testosterone levels, which is a common problem in most men today.
Processed food, personal care products containing parabens (over 90% of mens deodorants and lotions contain testosterone destroying chemicals), and lifestyle choices among other factors contribute to low testosterone levels.
Low testosterone zaps your motivation, leaves you feeling constantly fatigued and eliminates your desire for sex .
Understandably, not everyone had access to a urologist or the insurance to cover a visit. An affordable alternative is to have all your tests done at home. Personally, during extended stays away from my physician, either for business or out of the country working with a client, I use EverlyWell. This company provides affordable in-home tests, which can be mailed back to them. You receive your test results and an analysis back within a in a few days.
The best part? They work with a physician network to ensure that your test requisition is authorized by a board-certified physician in your state and that your results are reviewed and released by a physician prior to you receiving them.
In fact, I get my hormone levels checked with them three times a year and I’m about to take their Testosterone test right now.

To see the variety of affordable tests EverlyWell offers, click on the image below. At checkout, use the PornReboot code “MY2017” for 10% off your test of choice.

2) Imagine your favorite porn scene and masturbate to it ONCE. Do not watch porn. If you are in recovery and haven’t slipped, this doesn’t apply to you for now. Your recovery and reboot takes priority over potential ED. Skip #2 & #3 and go straight to your urologist or pick up a kit from EverlyWell

3) At another time- a few days later, for instance, masturbate without fantasizing to porn or without a fantasy. Simply masturbate with no visual or mental aids- just pure stimulation.When you are done, compare two things:

How long it took you to achieve orgasm each timeThe strength of your erection in both situations

If you are sexually healthy, you shouldn’t experience any problems with achieving orgasm in both occasions

If you are unable to masturbate or orgasm without a fantasy, but have no problems when you vividly replay a porn scene, you most likely suffer from Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction.(PIED)

If you don’t have any issues with your erection or orgasm without the aid of a fantasy, but when having sex you have trouble maintaining or getting an erection, you most likely have Erectile Dysfunction brought about by anxiety.

If you suffer from PIED, your porn habit has got to stop immediately.The recover time for Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction varies, but it is something that can cause you significant worry.

The steps to porn addiction counseling are:

1) Quitting porn. Watch my video on the 10 Steps to Quit Porn. to get started.

2) Immediately install a filter and get accountability. The best and most advanced filter with built in accountability comes from Covenant Eyes
3) If you suffer from PIED and can’t seem to control your behavior of watching porn, schedule a call with me to get expert help on your specific situation.

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