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  • J.K. gets straight to the point and dives deep into your problem by going straight for the root cause of your addiction/issue. He gives you FAR more than what you pay for and he actually cares. I had a stressful day this week and J.K not only left me with a smile on my face, but an A-Z, 1,2,3 plan of EXACTLY what I need to do and how to approach my problems. As long as you have an open mind and follow J.K.’s advice, your life will change. Period.
    Mo Accountant
  • J.K is immensely supportive and effective at what he does. If you're serious about your recovery, reach out to him.
    Adam. E College Student
  • JK is a brilliant, informed, passionate and dedicated recovery and motivational coach. Can't recommend him highly enough
    John Broe Musician
  • These last 120 days in recovery with JK will forever be remembered as a great watershed in my life. Under his supervision and guidance, I was able to dive into waters that I would never have the courage to do it alone. Today I leave this process strengthened with faith and courage to continue my quest of becoming the man I have always sought to be: someone committed to his own essence, feeling grateful by this marvelous spiritual awakening. JK, no doubt, day by day, was able to reflect my true and emerging self. Thank you for bringing so much light and wisdom into the misery and darkness of my addiction.
    Luiz B Real Estate Developer
  • Working with JK as a coach has been one of the greatest choices that I have made in the past year. Prior to coaching, I had been trying to quit on my own for over three years with no progress. I had seen multiple therapists who either did not know about porn addiction or who did not believe in it. With recovery coaching, I have made significant progress that was not possible prior to working with JK. One great advantage of working with JK is that he is an experiential expert with a deep understanding of this addiction. His knowledge and abilities are exceptional. In coaching, he has employed a holistic approach to my addiction that has helped me to improve in multiple areas of my life while recovering from my porn addiction. The tools that I have learned in recovery coaching have been incredibly useful, not only in my recovery, but also in my day to day life. I am no longer just going through the motions of abstaining from porn, I am actually recovering!
    Jason Law School Student
  • I've known J.K. for less than year and he has taught me that I am capable of more than I realize. I am empowered in my recovery and confident that I can abstain from my compulsive habits for the long haul. I struggled when I first started following J.K. but haven't acted out for the longest time thanks to the new habits I've built and the realization that I am not a slave to my over decade-long habits. If you COMMIT to recovery, J.K. will give you the tools to sustain your commitment. He understands your struggle because of his experience. He is very energetic and supportive as a coach. I thought it was impossible for me to stay "sober" but now I have hope. I was unaware that I had an emotional aspect to work on but am learning of its importance. I am rebuilding my social life with tools I was hesitant to adopt and never imagined I would be using. In the past several years, I've stumbled upon several resources addressing porn addiction and compulsive masturbation. Ultimately, J.K. has been the most influential in my recovery (and was the reason I even tried again to recover). I definitely recommend his coaching and products.
    Mack.T Medical Professional
  • Best Coach if you're looking to quit porn and cure any type of sex/porn addiction. I've been through programs, read books etc. But i'd say that 1 hour and 30 I spent on the phone with JK was the best value I have ever received in the last 4 years of trying to quit this thing. 100% recommended.
    Cong.V Business Owner
  • I found a tremendous amount of value from our session . JK had some great advice and gave me hope for recovery. I felt he really cared and understood my situation.
    Elias. V Sales Professional

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