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My Last Year of Coaching

It’s my 40th birthday today.

And I have decided that this will be my last year coaching.

Before I explain what that means, please allow me to share some basic data.

I’ve been porn free and rebooted for 16 years now.

I’ve been coaching for 12 years.

There are many stats I can share – but the most important one is the men who ended their out-of-control behavior.

In all honesty, my tracking of rebooted clients was sloppy till 2020, when I actually hired someone to track rebooted brothers.

All men were full-time members of our program. This data does not include the hundreds of men who ended or controlled their behavior using our free resources, nor does it include those still in the program who have yet to reboot.

  • 2020: 282 men
  • 2021: 238 men
  • 2022: 264 men
  • 2023: 323 men (out of those who enrolled in Dec 2022)

I don’t know if those numbers are “impressive” or not because I don’t give a sh*t what any other program or therapist accomplishes.

What I do know is that these men were done with this behavior inside of a year; their behavior was tracked, and their lives were transformed.

I love reboot coaching. It changed my life, the life of the Elevated Recovery team, and that of thousands of men.

However, as you can see from the numbers above – my impact is limited.

If we could add a “0” to the end of those numbers every two years or so, the world would be a much better place.

Growing older has me thinking of the impact I can make and HOW I can make it.

Right now – it isn’t through coaching. And let’s keep it real – 16 years is a long time. I don’t know what’s out there these days in terms of porn. I just know how to free men from its bondage.

The world is rapidly sexualizing and morally rotting.

You see it.

Sex trafficking, Onlyfans, AI girlfriends, normalization of child s*xual abuse…

It’s disgusting.

It is time for PornReboot to become a movement.

A force beyond me. Something which every rebooted man can teach other men.

That’s why 2024 will be my last year coaching men in groups.

I will still coach select clients one-on-one on a limited basis. You can learn more about that here.

I will remain the CEO of Elevated Recovery, but coaching in Elevated Recovery will be carried by our Certified Reboot Coaches – men who have been my personal clients and trained with me for 2-4 years while demonstrating mastery of their reboot.

Remember, we have coaching 7 Days a week in the Implementation program – sessions also run by Coach Milan, Dr. Eastman, etc. Personally, I will continue to coach my a$$ off until the end of this year.

Our goal is 700 men rebooted. More than double last year.

You can still catch me group coaching in the Implementation Program and every week in the Intensive program (which includes 1-1 coaching every Wednesday afternoon) through December 2024.

If you’d like to be one of my few one-on-one clients (very few men will qualify) – click here and watch this video:

If you’d like to be coached by me during this last year of coaching to end your out-of-control behavior, schedule a call with my team here:

Your brother in this struggle,

J.K Emezi

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