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Crafting Self-Made Laws: Finding Purpose Beyond Addiction

Crafting Self-Made Laws: Finding Purpose Beyond Addiction

I know. 

It sounds cliché.

“You do you!”

You see it on inspirational Instagram influencers’ pages, hear it in TedTalks, and read it in just about every self-help book you could ever pick up.

But it’s my thought for the day and it’s important so I need you to stick with me.

Sexually compulsive behavior erodes your value system over time. It deteriorates the values introduced to you and built up by your society, religion, family, culture, and so on. Many of us were exposed to pornography at a very young age so we learned feelings of shame and guilt early on. Those feelings carried into our teenage years and adulthood and have lingered ever since.

How do you put together a sturdy set of values when your perception is skewed? Where do you begin when you’re still filled with guilt and shame after losing control of one of your most basic instincts at a very young age? What do you do to establish a strong foundation and build up your values again?

A Quote From Sir Richard Francis Burton

Sir Richard Francis Burton was a British explorer who lived during the 19th century. He’s credited with discovering areas throughout Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Burton is also well-known for being a polyglot, meaning he spoke multiple languages fluently. His historical resume is impressive and did a lot of incredible things during his lifetime.

I read a biography about him one time and found a quote in the book that has stuck with me ever since:

“Do what thy manhood bids thee do, from no one but self expect applause. He noblest lives and noblest dies who makes and keeps his self-made laws.”

Now, bear in mind before you continue, Sir Richard Francis Burton was a racist. There’s no denying his awfully racist beliefs. Morally speaking, he’s nowhere close to being a role model, a mentor, or someone whose main ideas you should adhere to. But when it comes to courage, there’s a lot you can learn from him.

If you can learn to expect applause from no one but yourself, you become unstoppable. There’s no groveling for the attention or approval of others. You don’t need to look to anyone else for validation when you can validate yourself. This is the first step toward re-developing the self confidence and self-esteem that you lost long ago.

Admittedly, there are all kinds of definitions of noble. Again, it’s undeniable that Burton was a racist. His self-made laws included abhorrent beliefs about people of African descent. Still, he had a solid set of self-made laws he lived by unapologetically.

Create Your Own Laws

You have to make your own laws to live by. I don’t mean live a lawless life full of adultery and killing; those are not noble pursuits. What I mean is you need to set your own standards while you’re rebooting because you have a long way to go to get beyond average. 

Men who develop pornography addiction early on fall behind as they grow up. Trying to measure yourself by the success and standards of your peers will leave you feeling less than and not good enough. And you need to move beyond the status quo, anyways. You have a lot to make up for after squandering the gift of life you’ve been given.

Men also have different ideas of what happiness and success look like. For some, having a wife and kids is the pinnacle of a well-lived life. For others, building a successful business and creating jobs is the ultimate goal to work toward. Don’t look externally for a set of standards to live by; determine them for yourself and start working toward them.

Be Wary of What Testosterone Bids You To Do

The first part of that quote is shaky ground for men who struggle with compulsive sexual behavior. You can never fight against your biology but you must be wary of what testosterone would have you do. The standards and values you develop should be far from the things that led you down the path of pornography addiction.

Run your urges through your filters and talk them over with an accountability partner. While you always need to follow your self-made laws at the end of the day, you should also be cautious when it comes to laws about your sexual behavior.

Take Honest Stock Of Your Life

Where are you at in life right now? How are you doing? Take a moment to consider this and answer honestly. If you look around and realize you’re not living a good life, it’s time to make some changes. You might be poor, lazy, or weak. Maybe you don’t feel masculine or you’re constantly envious of other men.

So ask yourself, what does your manhood bid you do?

For me, my manhood bids me work hard so I can live the life I want to and not be broke. My manhood bids me take care of my aging parents and my family. My manhood bids me work hard in the gym so I can stay strong, in shape, and have a good physique. My manhood bids me continue building a strong relationship with my long-term partner.

My manhood also bids me help men like you in the Porn Addiction Counseling – Reboot program who are trying to overcome their out-of-control sexual behavior. My self-made laws center around helping other men out of the same predicament I found myself in all those years ago. 

When I base my life around these self-made laws, I feel like I’m on the right path and heading in the right direction. I never question the way I’m going because I’ve made and am now keeping my self-made laws.

Now it’s your turn. What are your self-made laws and how do you plan to keep them? It’s time to get to work, brother. We’re in pursuit of a noble life.

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Finding Your Purpose as a Porn Addict

Finding Your Purpose as a Porn Addict

Having a purpose is a necessity while you’re rebooting.

Stagnation is one of the main causes of your problem with pornography. You had nothing else driving you in life to keep you from your continued engagement with your behavior. If you don’t find a purpose while rebooting, it won’t take long for you to fall back into your old behaviors.

But how can you find your purpose if you have no idea what it is?

When men ask me about finding their purpose, they’re often alluding to something deep within them. It’s something that comes from an unquestionable place of consciousness. It’s the firm understanding of what you’re supposed to be doing with your life.

There are certain conditions under which your soul will reveal your purpose to you, that unquestionable and unshakable truth that comes up from within you. You need to reach a place of peace, trust, truth, and authenticity within yourself before your purpose will be revealed.

When you’re dealing with something like pornography addiction, that leads to the opposite of those conditions. Nothing about pornography is real. It’s not a real way of dealing with your problems. It’s not real intimacy. So how can you expect to find your purpose when you’re stuck in the cycle of pornography addiction?

Your purpose won’t reveal itself the moment you decide to reboot. It won’t suddenly become clear after you have a week free from pornography. But if you commit to the system, focus on your reboot, and adhere to the path, you’ll create that ideal environment within yourself. After that, your soul and your consciousness will take care of the rest for you.

Have a wonderful day, brothers. Porn Addiction Recovery!

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Finding Purpose In Your Porn Addiction

Finding Purpose In Your Porn Addiction

I believe purpose is a luxury.

If you have one that’s wonderful but if you don’t it’s not the end of the world. You can still live a happy, healthy, fantastic life without having a “purpose.” 

The way I see it, purpose is an idea that’s transformed into a product sold by certain individuals in certain institutions. I don’t believe it’s fully understood by most people. Many who claim to have a mission or a purpose don’t really understand what they’re doing or why they’re doing it. They may believe they have a purpose but their motivations are skewed. 

Too many people use their imagined purpose as a way to get a book deal and some fame. Then they leverage that “purpose” to sell some products that tell others how to reach the place they’re at. So you pick up that idea and run with it but then you’re left wondering why it’s not working for you.

Here’s the thing, brother. Purpose isn’t something you derive from reading a book by another man who overcame his trials and tribulations. You can’t absorb purpose by osmosis. Purpose is intrinsic. It’s something that you uncover by working through your difficulties. 

There are a lot of guys who do not go as deep as they can with their reboot. They have a bad habit of intellectualizing which holds them back from the beauty of a true reboot. These men enjoy listening to intellectuals, to high IQ individuals, to those with credentials behind their names. 

They listen to these incredible speakers but then do nothing with the information. They listen for the dopamine release of the “aha” moment but then take no action to implement these realizations in their lives. Sure, they enjoy the material they consume but it’s useless if they choose to do nothing with it.

I’ve noticed this more and more over the years, the growing number of men who enjoy listening to intellectual individuals. They understand most of the material, the concepts make sense, and they enjoy the experience, but they don’t do a single thing with that insight. This mediocre mindset is what holds men back from achieving everything they’re capable of.

You aren’t going to uncover your purpose by listening to thought leaders if you don’t follow it up with action. It’s not only about the action, either. It’s also about the failure that happens during the process and, ultimately, the lessons you take away from the entire experience.

The transformation begins once you finally take action to overcome your out-of-control behavior. It’s not going to be a perfect process. You may slip up a few times in the beginning. But as long as you keep moving forward you’re going to find success. You’ll strip away the layers that no longer serve you and uncover the true confidence hidden within.

Working through your reboot instills a much deeper sense of purpose than any book you read or podcast you listen to. Hypothetical knowledge doesn’t do much for men who have struggles to work through. Nothing compares to getting out in the world and going through your own healing experience.

The Porn Reboot system is about much more than other approaches to quitting porn. It’s more than NoFap, more than semen retention, more than a 90-day challenge. The Porn Addiction Recovery – Reboot system is a journey to overcoming porn, yes, but it’s about identifying and changing every aspect of your life that porn has impacted.

If you want to find purpose in your reboot, you need to approach it with intention. You cannot be one of those men who doesn’t dig deep into the process. You must let go of the habit of intellectualizing if you want to be successful with your reboot.

There’s one important question you need to continuously ask yourself as you go through the reboot process: “What is the message that my unconscious mind is trying to tell me?”

This is the first step you’re taking to condition yourself into developing a deeper awareness and being receptive to greater concepts. I’ll dive deeper into this practice in a later blog post but I want you to start thinking about this question and all its possible answers. Until then, I’d like you to stop by the Porn Reboot Facebook group and let us know what answers you’ve uncovered so far. 

Until then, brother.

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How to Be Happy: Finding Fulfillment In Problem-Solving

How to Be Happy: Finding Fulfillment In Problem-Solving

Early in the reboot process, you might find yourself wondering when things get better. You’ve spent years trapped in the vicious cycle of porn addiction problems and masturbation addiction. It’s no wonder you want to finally feel some relief. But at the same time, achieving that point of relief and happiness probably seems impossible some days.

I’ve spent 15 years working at my reboot now and I understand the rush to feel “happy.” When I first started ending my out-of-control behavior it had been so long since I felt truly happy. I had no idea what true happiness was, though, because I developed a false sense of fulfillment through porn, sex, and masturbation.

Too many men focus on achieving happiness as an end goal, not recognizing that their understanding of happiness will shift over time. I’ve found that the benchmark for happiness is arbitrary and fleeting and always changing. Things that you think will make you happy may not be what you thought they would be once you achieve them. 

At the start of my reboot, I believed that things would be perfect once I had my finances together, once I had the woman, once I had a social life, and once I controlled my sexual behavior. However, I realized as time went on that my belief that the elimination of problems would bring happiness wasn’t true. It’s almost as if problems are a prerequisite for happiness.

If there’s one promise in life it’s that problems will always arise. You can’t experience life to the fullest without also experiencing your fair share of problems. The elimination of all your problems isn’t the pathway to happiness because more will always crop up sooner or later. 

Also, think about how you feel when you solve a problem. It may be difficult at the moment, whether that’s a few days, weeks, or even years, but once you work through it you’re likely left feeling incredibly fulfilled. The sense of accomplishment that comes with solving a problem runs deeper than any fleeting sense of happiness ever could.

In my experience, pursuing this deep sense of fulfillment is far more meaningful and lasting than the pursuit of happiness. And I also find that over time, the fulfillment eventually becomes happiness. This means I believe that accepting the inevitability of problems is the first step to happiness.

Recognize the reality that you will never fully escape your problems. You’re always going to have them to some extent. Instead of fighting them, though, try accepting each one as it comes. Shift your perspective and see them as an opportunity to challenge yourself and grow.

The shift won’t happen overnight and it won’t happen easily. Men who struggle with compulsive behavior with porn, sex, and masturbation are always looking for an easy fix. I know that because I spent most of my early life doing the same thing. But quick fixes are not lasting fixes; they only put a bandaid over a wound that needs intensive care.

If you commit to shifting your beliefs about problem-solving, I guarantee you’ll find happiness much faster than the way you’re approaching it now. Sure, things like promotions, raises, having children, and going on trips are great ways to experience happiness. At the same time, once the excitement wears off you’ll find yourself back where you started.

Learning to appreciate the fulfillment of problem-solving and use it as my primary source of happiness has completely changed my life. I welcome the problems I know will inevitably arise and use them as an opportunity to better myself. There will always be a problem to solve; why not use it as the pathway to happiness?

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