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“Help! I’m Attracted To Other Women While Married!”

One of our brothers brought a great question to the group recently.

“Part of my desire to look at porn has to do with the fact that I still want to have sex with other women even though I’m in a relationship. I act out to give me that experience without ‘cheating.’ How do I reframe this mindset to have the right perspective about having a healthy porn-free sex life?”

First of all, wanting to have sex with multiple women is natural. Whether that’s a “good” or “bad” thing depends on you, your values, and what you were raised to do. Plenty of men enjoy a fun, hookup-filled youth. They slept with many different women and made the most of it during the times they could. 

Having these sexual experiences is crucial early on, before choosing to settle down with a partner. I think that we can all agree that being in a committed relationship does mean that having multiple partners is out of the question. 

Some men choose to get married early and never have a hookup phase. They found a woman they love and care about but sacrificed the opportunity to have a range of sexual experiences. After a decade or two, though, I find that some of these men regret never giving themselves that chance.

This brother admits that part of the reason he views porn addiction problems is to keep him loyal to his partner. He suppresses the biological urge to sleep with a variety of women by watching things play out on a screen. While I think that’s an important realization to come to, it doesn’t work for men who deal with compulsive sexual behavior.

Committed relationships make our lives easier as civilized human beings. It relieves us of the time-consuming biological aspect of jealousy. This frees you up to focus on other important aspects of your life such as caring for your family and performing well at work. It also increases the vital sense of intimacy between you and your partner.

Pornography robs you of your ability to be intimate with your partner. Sure, you may have sex. You might even have a lot of sex. But sex doesn’t necessarily equate to intimacy. Watching hours and hours of porn caters to your most primal desires and strips away all intimacy, one of the most important aspects of human relationships.

Although it’s natural to want to sleep with many different women, you’ve decided to commit to the woman you’re in a relationship with. Millions of men over the years have found a way to be in committed relationships and remain monogamous which means you can do the same.

Feeling attraction for other women isn’t a reason to act out on your compulsive behavior. It’s not ran excuse to continue watching porn. You can’t justify the detrimental effects that your behavior has by saying it keeps you from stepping out on the relationship. There are plenty of more fulfilling ways to live your life that don’t involve cheating on your partner.

If this is something you’re actively struggling with, I invite you to join us in the FREE Porn Reboot Facebook group. There are tons of men in there who understand exactly what you’re going through and can likely share a story or two about their own experience. You’re anything but alone in this experience, brother. All you have to do is reach out for help.

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I’m In Love With my Co-Worker

I’m In Love With my Co-Worker

I have another question from a brother in one of our groups today that I want to share with you. He said:

“Brothers, I feel like I will end up slipping, if I’m not already slipping, because of a relationship I’m seeking. I got divorced almost three years ago. My ex-wife and I didn’t have any children. I went back to being single the way I was before getting married for a couple of months. 

“Now I’ve developed an interest in one of my coworkers. She is much younger than I am, at least 15 years younger. She has already mentioned she’s in a relationship, but I’m still trying to reach out to her in different ways, given that this is work-related. I don’t want to end up in a situation that I’m going to regret. If you have any advice or suggestions I would appreciate it.”

I was the director of a large sales company for many years. I started at the company as a door-to-door salesman, moved up to a management position, and finally was promoted to the director role after a few years. During my time at the company, I maintained a very specific principle: never dip your pen in company ink. Meaning, don’t get involved with women at work.

I’ve always dissuaded employees, interns, and contractors from dating within the organization. Pursuing relationships in the workplace is almost never a good idea. It always comes with so much risk. There’s the loss of productivity, the risk of drama, and the possibility of being accused of harassment. 

There are very few exceptions to this rule. In this day and age, separating romance from work is the best thing you can do. Now I want to break down different aspects of our brother’s question. It’s an important one because it’s something many of us consider. Despite the dangers that come with it, most of us spend a large part of our time at work. The idea is bound to come up at some point.

This brother starts by mentioning his fear of slipping. I’m guessing that his concern stems from the possibility of slipping to mitigate the pain of not being in a relationship, meaning the lack of intimacy. The pain of rejection from a coworker is also a possible trigger for a relapse.

He also points out that he went back to being single “the way he was before getting married” for a few months. I assume this means having casual sex with different kinds of women but not pursuing anything serious. While this can be fun for some time, it can also amplify the lack of intimacy and feelings of loneliness, especially after being married.

The woman in question also said she has a boyfriend. Now whether that’s true or not isn’t the point; the point is her saying that means she’s not interested. She made it clear that she doesn’t want to pursue anything with this brother of ours. His continued efforts may place him in the position to be accused of sexual harassment if he doesn’t let up.

There’s also the factor of the 15-year age gap. While I have nothing against age gaps so long as the woman is at least 18 years of age, there are still some concerns. Sure, she may be old enough to date but why would you want to run the risk of fulfilling the “creepy older guy” stereotype? Sometimes it doesn’t matter that she’s 18, 21, or even 25; she might just be too young to pursue.

Ultimately, there are thousands of other women in any area. There are so many options available; why only hold yourself back to the women you see yourself every day? Limiting yourself to seeking relationships in the workplace stems from a scarcity mindset. Get out there, start dating some different women, and realize that she’s not the only one.

Again, this brother is probably suffering and in some emotional pain because of his divorce. It sounds like he’s probably missing some of the intimacy he had with his wife. But seeking that intimacy through causal sex will never fill the void. Nor will pursuing women in the workplace. He needs to get out in the real world and start dating again to rebuild that lost sense of intimacy.

If you’re struggling with the same thing, brother, know that you’re not alone. I know you might think your situation is different and that pursuing this girl at work won’t be a problem, but trust me it will be eventually. Don’t limit yourself to women at work; get out there and start talking with the many different women around you.

In the meantime, join us in the Porn Reboot Facebook group and let us know what you’re having a hard time with. Maybe it’s workplace romance, maybe it’s getting back into the dating game, maybe it’s simply starting your separation from porn addiction problem, sex, and masturbation. Whatever it is you’re working through there’s another brother dealing with the same thing. Follow our porn addiction recovery program and you never have to handle your difficulties alone; there’s a brotherhood waiting to support you here at Porn Reboot.

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