Top 10 Porn Addiction Symptoms: Low Energy

Top 10 Porn Addiction Symptoms: Low Energy

Porn addiction is a serious problem for thousands of men around the world. I know this is true because I’ve worked with many of them in my almost 15 years of building the Porn Reboot program. It’s something that can destroy a man’s life and strip him of everything worth living for when it gets bad enough.

Pornography is a growing issue, especially for men who are exposed to it during their younger years. Excessive porn use alters natural brain chemistry and causes a wide range of negative effects. Are you wondering whether your pornography use might be a problem? Over the next few weeks, I want to cover 10 of the most common porn addiction problems I see among men seeking help in the Porn Reboot program. These include:

Do you feel tired no matter how much sleep you get? Whether it’s an hour because you stayed up all night watching porn or it’s one of those miraculous full nights of sleep, you may feel exhausted regardless of the amount of rest you got.

Low energy is another common porn addiction symptom. Compulsive porn use zaps you of your energy whether you realize it or not. I struggled to stay awake during the day when I watched a lot of porn. Some nights it was because I was up far too late, other times it was the residual mental exhaustion that comes from constant preoccupation with porn addiction effects.

The difference between energy levels when you are on and off pornography is like night and day. Off pornography, I’m able to put in 18-hour workdays, including two to three hours at the gym, every day. I still get a solid amount of sleep each night and then in the mornings I’m up, excited, and ready to do it again.

I understand that other things may cause your low energy levels. Disrupted sleep cycles, underlying illness, or adrenal fatigue are some factors that can seriously impact your energy levels. But if you’re dealing with an out-of-control behavior with porn, sex, and masturbation, that compulsive sexual behavior is most likely the cause of your struggles.

You shouldn’t need obscene amounts of caffeine to make it through the day. If you’re chugging energy drinks, pounding espresso, or relying on other stimulants to raise your energy levels, you might want to consider your porn use as another primary culprit.

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