2 Tricks Porn Addiction Plays

2 Tricks Porn Addiction Plays

Porn addiction is a tricky condition to overcome.

It warps your perception and twists your mind over time. It’s a difficult addiction to live with and learning to control your sexual behavior is no easy feat. But just because it’s a challenge doesn’t mean that it’s impossible.

The Porn Reboot system is the result of overcoming my behavior with pornography. Thousands of men have used it to control their out-of-control behavior as well. We make up some of the greatest success stories when it comes to porn addiction effects and compulsive sexual behavior.

Over the years I’ve noticed that porn addiction plays tricks on men as they work through the Porn Reboot system. It tells them different things that simply aren’t true. These tricks are your addict mind’s attempt to push you back into behaviors that aren’t good for you.

How does porn addiction try to lie to you as you work to overcome it?

You’ll Think You’re Not Getting Better

Porn addiction will have you believing that you’re not making any progress or getting better. It doesn’t matter which system you use, whether it’s Porn Reboot or another system; the experience is the same. Your porn addiction will try to trick you into thinking that you’re not making any changes in your life.

You’re consistent. You’re putting in the work. You’re doing your morning routine, having dialogues, and staying accountable. In many cases, you haven’t even slipped or relapsed. But you’ll still find yourself feeling like the system you’re using isn’t doing anything. This can happen to you at any point during your early reboot, whether you’re at 60 days, 90 days, 120 days, or even a year in.

The moment you fall for this, though, you’re mentally done with whatever system you’re using. You could be working with a therapist, attending a 12-step program, or using the Porn Reboot system, but the moment you buy into this trick you’re done. You’ll believe you haven’t made progress and that it’s too challenging.

But here’s the thing: you ARE making progress. If you have a morning routine, are conversing with men in the group, staying accountable, and starting to make changes, you’re progressing. It’s easy to overlook this progress when you’re in the middle of it but it’s happening.

A good way to determine your progress is to look to those around you. Seek some input from the people who are important to you. Maybe it’s your good friends, your parents, your girlfriend, or your spouse. They have a good understanding of who you are and where you’ve come from. They’ll have the best insight into how well you’re doing.

If these people notice a change in you then it means something is happening. You might not be able to see the changes because you live with yourself every day but trust those who care about you; they’ll have your best interest at heart and more realistic insight on whether you’re getting better.

You’ll Believe You Aren’t Smart Enough

Porn addiction will try to trick you into thinking that you’re not smart enough to reboot. It’ll have you believing that rebooting is an intensive process and requires a lot of intelligence to be successful.

This is another trick, brother. It is a flat-out lie. Rebooting is a simple process. The Porn Reboot system specifically is a very straightforward process. Sure, we have hundreds of videos, blog posts, podcast episodes, and more. It might seem like there’s an intricate, complicated procedure behind the whole thing. But there isn’t.

When you find yourself thinking that the reboot process is too complex, you’ve likely ingested too much information. You probably consumed too much content and haven’t applied enough of it to your life. It’s not bad to watch videos, read posts, or listen to podcasts, but at some point, you need to bring it into the real world.

Rebooting isn’t about being smart, it’s about making changes in your behavior that lead to overcoming porn addiction. Simple. If you’re at the point where you believe you’re not smart enough to reboot, you need to take a step back from learning new information. It’s time to lay off of it for a few days and put some of what you’ve already learned into practice instead.

Stick With the Porn Reboot System

The best thing you can do when your mind starts telling you these lies is to keep doing what you’re already doing. Our Porn Reboot system isn’t just about quitting porn; it’s about rebooting your entire life. While your porn addiction wants to keep you trapped in its grips with these tricks, you’re in the process of moving far beyond your out-of-control behavior.

Stick to your morning routine. Continue journaling and getting exercise. Don’t give up on the process before it progresses past habits and into a complete lifestyle change. If you’re doing the work, you’re on the right track. Keep going, brother – you’re doing the right thing.

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