Top 10 Porn Addiction Symptoms: Premature Ejaculation

Top 10 Porn Addiction Symptoms: Premature Ejaculation

Porn addiction is a serious problem for thousands of men around the world. I know this is true because I’ve worked with many of them in my almost 15 years of building the Porn Reboot program. It’s something that can destroy a man’s life and strip him of everything worth living for when it gets bad enough.

Pornography is a growing issue, especially for men who are exposed to it during their younger years. Excessive porn use alters natural brain chemistry and causes a wide range of negative effects. Are you wondering whether your pornography use might be a problem? Over the next few weeks, I want to cover 10 of the most common porn addiction problems I see among men seeking help in the Porn Reboot program. These include:

One of the biggest jokes about human sexuality revolves around men who can’t last long in bed. There are plenty of reasons why some men come too fast, and porn doesn’t always have to do with it. However, if you struggle with premature ejaculation and watch a lot of porn, chances are the two are related.

A common cause of ejaculating too soon comes from training your brain to reach climax as quickly as possible. It usually begins during adolescence when you have very few opportunities to masturbate. You took any chance you could get, and it usually had to happen fast. But the longer you did this, the more it instilled the need to ejaculate fast in your brain.

Fast forward a few years, and premature ejaculation can become a debilitating pattern that affects your sexual relationships. It can be incredibly embarrassing and shameful, especially as you start to dip your toes back into building relationships and having sex with women.

Thankfully you can do something about your premature ejaculation. You’re less likely to deal with premature ejaculation as porn addiction effect and masturbation become a part of your past life. Spending more time around women and having more sexual encounters will also improve your ability to last in bed. It won’t happen all at once, and it takes time to retrain your brain, but it’s possible to end your struggles with premature ejaculation.

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