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How Much Time Should You Spend on Your Reboot?

The Porn Reboot system isn’t something that promises you’ll end your out-of-control behavior in only a few weeks. We aren’t a quick-fix program shilling miracles …

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Anxiety and Procrastination

Looking at my life and pulling positive data from it slowly became an ingrained habit. Reframing anxiety. I have plenty of experience struggling with anxiety …

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The Isolated Porn Addict

Today’s topic comes from a question brought up in one of our groups. This brother asked, “J.K., I read your post saying that people who …

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Wealth Won’t Save You From Porn Addiction

Too many men come to the Porn Reboot program thinking their outside circumstances will save them from their porn addiction effects. This is especially true …

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Sleeping 4 Hours a Night While Rebooting

Today I want to write directly to my peak performers, the highly ambitious men who look for every way possible to accomplish their goals. I …

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Are You Struggling?

Do you find yourself struggling as you try to follow the Porn Reboot system? It doesn’t matter whether you are already a client in our …

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What to Do When You Hate Your Past

I have another question from a brother I want to bring to you today. He said, “From what I understand, one of the goals of …

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