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80-Hour Workweeks and Working Out

80-Hour Workweeks and Working Out

If you’ve been around the Porn Reboot program for any length of time, you know that I often stress the importance of working out. I believe that regular exercise is a necessary part of a healthy life and a successful reboot. Lifting weights was a huge part of my early reboot and I believe it’s vital for every man to incorporate it as well.

However, a lot of men also work long hours as they try to advance their careers once free from their out-of-control sexual behavior. I did the same thing, too. I think it stems from wanting to make up for lost time and recoup from poor financial decisions during our active addiction.

A brother asked a question regarding these two things recently. He said:

“J.K., I’ve been working 60- to 80-hour weeks lately. My workout routine has taken a serious hit because of it, so I switched to morning workouts to make things at least a little more consistent. What other hacks can I use to have killer workouts when I’m working this much?”

While this is a great question that addresses one of the most vital aspects of the reboot process, it’s also rather vague. I opted to lift weights because my goal was to put on muscle, but many different outcomes can come from working out. What does this brother mean by a “killer workout”? Is he trying to get his heart rate up? Is he trying to improve his endurance? Is he trying to build muscle? Is he trying to lose body fat? 

You also need to ask yourself the same question if you’re wondering how to optimize your workout time while working long hours. Once you have some clarity about your workout goals, it’s much easier to determine the best ways to optimize your workouts.

If you’re trying to improve your endurance or lose fat, focusing on cardio is likely your best bet. If you want to build muscle or gain strength, spending your time lifting weights will be the most productive approach. If you’re interested in something like mixed martial arts, dedicating time to a few classes per week will be worth it.

You must get clear on what you want to accomplish with your fitness if your workload is as heavy as you say it is. If you can’t outline your workout goals, then working out isn’t as big of a priority as you believe it to be.

If you’re working 60- to 80-hour weeks and still wanting to build other areas of your life, I suggest you start with an activity inventory. Spend a week writing down everything you do throughout the day from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to bed. How much time do you spend working? How much time do you spend engaged in personal activities? How much time do you spend on your phone? How much time do you spend screwing around?

You need to get honest with yourself about where your time goes each day. Taking an activity inventory makes it nearly impossible to fool yourself about what you’re doing. If you find that more time is spent goofing off than actually working, perhaps you can consolidate your work hours and leave more time for yourself at the end of the day.

I know that it’s possible to get workouts in when you’re working long weeks because I did it myself. I’ve also watched dozens of brothers manage it in all the time I’ve spent working with men as they rebuild their lives in the Porn Reboot program. Anyone can have effective workouts if they get clear on their goals and prioritize their fitness.

You hear plenty of people make excuses for why they can’t make time to work out, even with only a 40-hour workweek. But we’re not like everyone else. Asking the question on how to stop porn addiction, The men in the Porn Reboot group are determined to make the most out of every moment of life. From family to fitness to career and more, we won’t settle for anything less than the best of ourselves. And if we can do it, I know that you can, too.

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Getting Out There

I often get asked by men about what’s likely to happen to their sex life during recovery.

This question comes as no surprise. 

There’s a popular opinion that trying to have sex while struggling with porn addiction can lead you to sex addiction. Those guys who ask me about it are likely worried about their condition getting worse.

Well, I can say with confidence that this opinion isn’t true. 

You won’t make your addiction worse or get addicted to sex if you have sexual relationships with women during recovery.

In fact, having sex could save you from your porn addiction problems.

How do I know?

It’s because I proved it myself.

You see, during my recovery, I simultaneously worked on improving my sexual life.

I also dedicated two whole years to working on my anxiety issues with women. 

In doing so, I spent that time approaching and talking to women who I found attractive. I also had sexual relationships with some of them.

Now, I didn’t pick up that idea out of nowhere. It came from a book by Albert Ellis, the founder of rational behavior therapy. 

Ellis was a psychologist who had an issue with anxiety. To overcome it, he spent the entire summer going out to a park and talking to hundreds of women. 

Granted, that approach was a bit extreme, but it worked for him.

A similar approach worked for me, too. In fact, I can say with certainty that doing so can bring your deepest issues to the surface.

During those two years that I spent meeting and approaching women, I came face to face with my darkest demons. I also became aware of how deep my porn addiction was. 

The key thing in all of it was exposure. 

By putting myself out there, I got into a situation where I could no longer run from my issues. I had to shed some of the limiting beliefs I had about women and sex, learn how to connect with women authentically, and endure plenty of rejection.

As a result, I overcame my social and sexual anxiety. 

I know that this exposure helped my recovery immensely. 

And I know it can do the same for you, even if it sounds scary right now.

So, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

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